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  1. Hey Joanne, God bless you! You are so right and we must stand for truth, and if possible confront error, or pray concerning it. Thank you for your wonderful faith filled comments….they are received and believed in Jesus name!  Much love as always dear heart!

  2. very well spoken and taught….the body of Christ really do not know the word of God….as rarely do they even take their bible to church to compare what the preacher is saying with the written word….there is a wrong heresy being taught right now concerning communion (the substance of the bread and wine) taking away the workings of the Holy Spirit….Jesus taught that the physical bread and wine was in remembrence of him and who he was (the bread symbolizing Jesus and the wine symbolizing his blood)…..please people read John 6:35-58…..Luke 22:19….I Corint. 11:24-25 this explains it all…..the teaching of the bread being the very body of Christ and the wine being the very blood of Christ is a false dangerous doctrine being spread amongst popular teachers ….

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