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  1. I awoke to hearing in the spirit “4 more days” and looked at me clock and it was 4:22am. 4, 4 and 2+2 is 4. So, 444. That was on Saturday may 27, 2017. The 31st will be 4 days from when I heard that. Also, a few weeks ago I had a dream of a strong, continuous wind blowing in the house. I was surrounded by unbelievers except my 6 year old daughter. The wind was coming from the east and was blowing everyone to the left. My daughter and I prayed and we were taken away in a shield to a road far away but we were being chased by military shooting at us. They couldn’t harm us though because we weee being protected. We arrived at a FEMA camp looking place with military gaurding the gates where we were trying to get in to get water. They wouldn’t let us in but let the people behind us in. At this point in my dream I noticed war and shortage of water. I was led to acts 2:2. Pentecost. Then waking to hearing 4 more days in my spirit really got my attention. Only thing I feel I’m being led to is that things are going to pick up strongly around Pentecost but the Holy Spirit is going to be poured out heavy upon the believers. Sorry I know this is long that felt the need to share this based on what you wrote. The Lord is revealing many things to the body. I also had a dream of explosions going off all over the US a month ago. I ask that you pray over this message for discernment as I don’t want to lead anyone astray or be led astray myself. God bless!

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