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”Daughter, Ask the Nations if They Miss Me Yet?” — 6 Comments

  1. Lord, we have sinned greatl. We have totally ignored You many times. We have gone astray. You are God. We have neglected to spend time with You and to pray for one another. Lord, I stand in the gap and repent of our many sins. May our hardened hearts be replaced by a heart of flesh. I ask this on behalf of all mankind. May we return to You wholeheartedly and obey You and pour out our love upon You. We will honor You and spend time with You. We thank Holy Spirit for drawing us much closer to You, Jesus. Lord, have Your way with each one of us. We have been a very wicked generation. There are those who have stood with You all throughout their lives. How so very wise they were to do so. Recompense them, this I ask. Have mercy, oh Lord, this we pray. We pray in accordance with what David prayed in Psalm 51. Lord forgive us of our many sins this I pray and forgive us for having murdered so many babies through abortions on the altar of Baal. Purge our hearts and our minds. May we become the holy people whom You have called us to be. Lord, we love You and will walk on the narrow path and follow the leading of Holy Spirit. We esteem You highly Yeshua and will walk in Your way. May we reverence You with our whole being and be totally sold out to You even unto death if need be. Thank You, Holy Spirit, Jesus and Yahweh. The steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord. Amen!

  2. Father, The United States of America misses You…very much!!
    And on behalf of this Land I turn from everything we’ve embraced that You are not, and in repentance, total change of mind and heart, we turn to the Everything that You are instead…Father, forgive us!! Wash us in the most Beautiful Sacrifice Your Creation could ever know so that we can be the center-out Reflection of the Image we were originally created in. Thank You Abba!! Thank You Yeshua!! Thank You Holy Spirit!! Amen

    God bless you Veronika!! :)

  3. What a powerful truth and CONVICTING word. As I got on my husband’s FB page last night, I felt the spirit of beguiling as I scrolled down the page and Veronika, I heard the Lord speak to me, daughter, beware of falling into the trap of beguiling as you pen my words to you in this hour. My people need to seek me with their whole heart. It is the 11th hour and the clock is ticking. So thankful for you. Sending many blessings, Sandi Holman

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