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There Is Hope in the Midst of the Storm — 1 Comment

  1. Personally, I’m finding that things are getting much easier. We all went through quite an ordeal. We had to come to grip with exactly what we were made of. Some stood tall and others didn’t. Holy Spirit has been with us through it all and has drawn many, including myself, closer to Jesus. Praise God!

    For years, I could not read my Bible or any book for that matter as it would put me to sleep. At one time, I couldn’t get enough of the scriptures in me. I was very hungry. I never stopped loving the Lord, however, I had lost my zeal for Him. Sadly,that happens to many of us. Holy Spirit recently rekindled the intensity of my love for Jesus Christ to an even greater measure than when I was first born again. I still complain that I’m not where I should be rather than appreciating where I’m at. I can be overly critical of myself. I’m not sure why I’m sharing all of this with you. It is the leading of Holy Spirit that is drawing me this way.

    You’re one who encourages the Body of Christ and when prompted, you speak accordingly. You have a heart of love and you are on fire. May Holy Spirit take you even deeper and may He take you even higher. May much revelation truth with understanding be given you so that you would share these truths. May you draw many to our Lord Jesus Christ. I sense much peace within you and you, surely, do flow much in the Spirit. May your cup overflow with much of the goodness of our Lord

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