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Dealing with the Mountains in Your Life — 6 Comments

  1. You have been such a blessing in my life.  Thank you for sharing and allowing us to share! May Jesus bless you in the mightiest of ways!

  2. Beyond awesome, beyond profound and such a good teaching…thankyou Laura for the clarity and the honesty of each word..
    God Bless you abundantly…love and blessings from India

  3. Amen!I receive this word whole heartedly. Thank you for bringing clarity and understanding. This is truly, Wisdom. Thank you and may God continue to use you and bless you to bless others.

  4. Your prayer is perfect as I work on stumbling blocks in my life. I will take your words to heart. I’d also like to share this with you, received in September, and ask for your insights, if you will:

    I see myself standing behind a big, dark-colored stone wall. I reach up and it is cold to the touch. Standing beside the wall, I reach down and take a big, heavy sledge hammer and begin to swing it forcefully, over and over. Soon, bits of the wall start to crack and break away, revealing a tiny bit of light on the other side. Until now, I didn’t even realize it was dark on my side. Now I swing harder and more forcefully, over and over, the wall crumbling and breaking down, making a huge opening.
    I step through the rubble into the glorious light, shackles I didn’t know were there, falling from my wrists. I move to the top of a small hill, raising my hands high in praise, thanks, and pure joy. Soaking in the Light, my face raised up to it, breaking into a huge smile. I am free. I am victorious. I am strong and greatly blessed. The darkness/gray world is behind me and glorious beauty surrounds me. I will never go back. Joy and happiness pour over me. Brilliant color surrounds me and everything is so beautiful. the Lord’s presence is there and lives inside of me.

    Thank you for sharing such important teaching with us.

  5. WHEW!…just WHEW! Oh my! I prayed the prayer posted. I’m trying to put a pause on comments…but THIS! Powerfully Prophetic – Seasoned and Sound – So much can be said of having a true “prophetic voice” in our lives. Not 20 voices…a “voice” – Sure we can glean and gather from others, but there something about not eating at everybody’s table. Just a added thought, on prophetic gift – when God sends a “word” most generally it’s something He is confirming or dealing w/us about. Amen. Let’s listen. You “betta” teach mighty woman of God!

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