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  1. We’re admonished to pray for those in authority 1Tim. 2:1-4 this means; we’re asking God to open their hearts to Truth. Like He did in OT w/Cyrus. RELEASE Divine vision! no matter – the vitriol may come – God will deal with those heart/s. As passionate as we are about our countries and our God The Lord – Jesus, we should refrain in personal political views via post/s. God is not political – God is PURPOSEfuL. With diverse viewers: Christians, Seekers, and/or non-Believers, our faith must go UP to agree that God Can Save, God has Saved, and God will Save. One Savior Rom.10:13 Respectfully… Amen.

  2. First, it was NOT “the migrant ‘refugees’ who were allowed across the border, rioting, looting, burning, and shooting.” but Americans, like yesterday in Maine, a few years ago in a church in Charleston, SC, Walmart, in New York, just to name a few. 2nd, it was NOT “the migrant ‘refugees’ who were allowed across the border, rioting, looting, burning, and shooting.” who terroitized our elected congressional officials, killed our police officers, and reck havoc on our very own Capitol, on 6 Jan 20, it was Americans. God can use ANYONE that HE desires for HIS divine will and purpose as we learn in HIS divine WORD and if HE chooses to use former president Trump AGAIN then the “righteous-in Christ Jesus” must go BACK into hiding (Proverb 28:28).

    • If thats the vision God gave him, than who are you to go on a rant saying he’s wrong about migrants at the border?  There is a major migrant problem and very bad people are coming in-open your eyes, they are up to no good…God is warning us all!  Nothing to do with Maine!

  3. Perhaps the key is considering what Hamas really is, and what its purpose really is. Perhaps it is nothing but a type of special forces arm of a very bad group of people, who care nothing for Israel, or Palestine, or America— but are just trying to start a war.

  4. I’ve recently received an open vision of bombs going off in n.y.and Chicago, it was impressed upon me that it took place during the thanksgiving parades.

  5. Yes, Chris, America is in a mess and it is all intentional by the government, the elites and all who want to reset the world so they can rule. They think if they can destroy our sister, Israel and the USA then their plans can move forward. We as Christians must pray every day for the Lord to expose all the deception and lies of the evil ones here and in Israel and the whole world. Many who hear from the Lord said Trump is coming back. We know the election was stolen so I pray he will be back before the next election in 24. Did you know that our government gave the illegals who came to our country because Biden told them to where give free cell phones so they can receive a call when jihad is called into action. We left millions of weapons behind overseas for the enemy to use against us yet the government is always screaming to take away guns from people who want to protect their families. Biden is just a puppet, a sad one who can hardly taught a straight sentence without mumbling. Many have been shown who is behind the scenes making all the decisions.and giving Iran and Ukraine all this money that our country does not have. So I will end by saying, fear not because our awesome God is always in control even when we don’t understand why these things have to happen. The Lord’s plans are perfect so trust in Him no matter what. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel for the Lord said He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.

    • I am not one to intro select your dream, but what you said about the innocent Arabs being caught in the cross fire was good news.  I know Israel must respond to the attack from Hamas but I do hope those who are not involved but live in the area are not harmed.

  6. I receive the word of the Lord.  As you turned to America, I was immediately reminded of Chris Reed’s Oct 8th warning dream…sleeper cells in America and we are to pray their actions are thwarted. I have long felt in my spirit it will be what pours thru America’s southern border that tips the scales or turns the tide in America.

    A few months ago I had a dream. Biden was about to do a horrible thing to America…and a luxury car drove up to building where biden stood outside…the car as it got closer looked like it had been thru a war…out stepped President Trump and he stopped Biden and there was peace.  Dream ended.

  7. Chris, what I heard from the Lord was pretty long, too long to write here. I replied on FB some of it. I felt some of the comments were just an expression of human reasoning and opinions. When I see comments that are giving their judgment on the who and why’s of Donald Trump I run quickly in the Fear of the Lord. It is not our place to like or dislike what God chooses and uses. You be the judge. I humbly submit this to you: In my vision as I read, I saw the Lord take the trumpet to His mouth and blow it 3 times and I heard Him say, Give me your full attention. the world is about to learn the truth about Drama and Trauma. I am shaking and breaking and I am pouring out the golden bowls of protection before the final day of the Lord. This is a warning from my prophet. Do not touch Israel and do not touch Trump..they are mine. Take heed!Lord, I submit to you. Sandi

    • Agree completely Sandi. My only fear is misrepresenting God and what He shows me. Some things, like Gods choice of Israel and DJT, are not for me to judge or criticise other than questioning political decisions made by man!

    • This is fully in line with what the Lord has been saying through numerous prophetic servants, which with due respect to others, are qualified in His eyes to be Trump Prophets (multiple meanings intended). Some prophetic servants don’t wish to examine what others are saying. Unless that is God’s leading, it tends to be unfortunate, like an unnecessary crutch. If you’re willing, Chris and Sandi, I would direct your attention to the two video interviews of Carrie Villalobos this Summer at my humble Rumble site: https://rumble.com/GloryBound.

      Perhaps I could interview you soon, too, if you would accept.


      PS: I have bought my postage stamps and 9mm precious metals, also taken my concealed carry course. I live at a corridor across the Mississippi to Wisconsin from Minnesota, the home of many new Muslims. Now, for the Zero brand water filters and more popcorn…

      PS2: If you wish, “Decree the Big Three,” as the Lord referred to them, with some of the rest of us: https://twitter.com/ArlenWms/status/1699157897991590263

  8. Seems to me your dream is self explanatory. As I read your post I perceived these to be coincidental happenings. As the war in Gaza heats up and the Iranian terror regime sees losses growing and America firmly behind Israel, those proxies of Iran intentionally allowed in the US will now do what they were brought in to do. In Blue states and cities the police will stand down just as they did during BLM and Antifa riots and the Biden regime will refuse to Federalize and activate National Guard to quell the violence. This time the people will not be having it and will rise up themselves and take the necessary steps to protect life and liberty. This will spell doom for Biden and the Democrats and will usher in the return of Trump who even now is promising to evict the illegals and that promise will grow in strength as a result of what has happened in blue states and cities. Trump will activate the Guard to take control of these areas and may even take military legal action against politicians and law enforcement that refused to do their duty. Trump’s no BS type of leadership will cause a major stand down of all those who felt empowered under the feckless Biden admin and will usher in a period of relative calm in the world. Now, the big question is…how does this relate to end time events? I have no idea.

  9. GOD BLESS you. I agree with all you saw.  we all should be in prayer for Donald Trump. He and those with him, with the help of our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, Will bring peace to our countries.

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