Debt Cancellation


The LORD just told me that He is cancelling several debts.

Holy Spirit revelation:

Some people have been carrying debts which the enemy has been transferring from generation to generation.

One ancestor did not pay what they owed and actually died before paying his debts, and so the enemy takes advantage of this sin and accuses the generations to come(transfers the debt from generation to generation and makes some people in each generation carry that load).

The devil will not stop the cycle until God stops him.  He will keep moving stealthily in this way and many will find themselves operating in debt even when they are trying hard to avoid it.

Some people are carrying debts which they cannot understand or explain.  Yes, they ended up in it but not by choice.  DEBT IS A SPIRIT and every spirit must bow down at the name of Jesus Christ.

Debt is a spirit that steals from people and pushes them into poverty and mental oppression. Many have gone mad because of debts but the word says that when the thief is caught he must pay 7-fold, even the wealth of his house, (Proverbs 6:31).

Debt destroys jobs, businesses, families and marriages.  Debt kills as many have been murdered and others committed suicide because of it.

Debt is one of the worst spirits that can attack a man.

Some debts came as a result of mistakes or lack of wisdom on our part but because of repentance, that mistake cannot continue to haunt us.  The spirits that followed that mistake will no longer follow you in Jesus name.

The LORD is cancelling many debts in this hour.  You will not pay what they owed.  Jesus paid the greatest debt and so no other debt can stand against His own.

The God who is righteous has stepped into that situation and will turn it around speedily in Jesus name.

The LORD rebukes the spirit of debt and all the wicked spirits working with debt.

The debts are CANCELLED speedily in Jesus name!

(This is a prophetic Word that came through at the end of the service where I was ministering.)


Esther Hadassah
Revivalist & Apostolic servant of Jesus Christ

Esther HadassahEsther Hadassah is an apostolic minister and an end-time revival preacher.  She has been serving in full time prophetic ministry for the past three years.  The LORD has called her to preach the message of the holiness and repentance and to set the captives free.

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Debt Cancellation — 2 Comments

  1. Generational debt curses concerning my life my seeds. Is broken completely. Lack of finance successful lucrative of wealth with wisdom.
    Continue to over flow in my life this day in Jesus Name. Academic College Counselor job comfort in Jesus Name 11-month position full time permanent.

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