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Destruction Awaits Unholy Preachers & Ungodly Politicians — 12 Comments

  1. LORD JESUS PLZ please bring this prophetic message to PASSED…right in ur HOLY NAME. Veronica decree and declare it in ur NAME. AMEN☝✔

  2. A thousand Amens to you, dear Veronica. Thank you for being an apostle of the Lord so that we may follow your wisdom, love, and teachings.

  3. Amen to that Veronika.  Waited for over 20 years for God’s will to be done, and the religious leaders who are in it for money and prestige are in for a shock. The sheep’s been neglected for far too long, but God loves us, and all will be well.

  4. Veronika–Praised be to the Lord.  I sense the Words of the Almighty being spoken as they align with the Will of God.  I’ve known of the deceiving Climate Change way back at the 90’s witnessing the mayhem in LA at a Earth Day rally-I have watched those who think they are wise being set up to be fools.  For all of us who put our hope in the Lord will see His promises.  God is not one that people should mock or blaspheme.  He made the Heavens and Earth and He can take it all away.  Praise be Adonai–Blessed Is He Who Comes In the Name of the Lord

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