The LORD spoke “Diaspora,” then said,

“When persecution comes there is always a diaspora – a scattering of peoples.

When disaster comes, there is also a scattering due to financial lows, and inability to find work to make a living.

Birth pangs are growing and a separating and scattering will come as the earth groans and spits up lava, – as it separates and shakes, as weather patterns which man has tampered with destroy crops and fields.

Man has gone too far in thinking he can control everything.  Shakings are coming that will level cities, nations, and level economies, and bring to fruition the written scriptures.

The enemy has come down, knowing he has little time left, and desires to destroy all he can of mankind. [Revelation 12:12]

Beware to not hold on to what you can hold in your hands, but rather treasure what your heart can hold.

Store up treasures in heaven and not on earth where moth and rust decay.

Learn to share what you have with others who are less fortunate.  For less prosperous times are on their way.

Perilous times are AT HAND.  Determine to cling to ME, and not to the things of this world.

Use the things of this world to ADVANCE MY KINGDOM, and not your own.  Put on your ARMOR daily.

There is less time left than you would believe. So many are still sleeping. SHOUT from the rooftops what you hear in your ears!

Do not hide the words I am speaking to you.  Take them to the lost and to those who will listen.

Go to the highways and byways. Invite them to come in to My arms of love.


LOVE ONE ANOTHER as I have loved you!  By THIS all men will know you belong to ME.

Circumstance will suddenly catapult many of you into the ministries.  I have prepared for you before the foundations of the earth.  You are a privileged generation and group of generations.

Know that I AM WITH YOU TILL THE END OF ALL TIME.  KNOW that I LOVE YOU and adore you and will do anything you ask in My name.

Cry out for the nations!  Cry out for the church!  Cry out for your loved ones and friends and neighbors.  Watch how I will answer as you bend your hearts towards ALL I love!”

{Then an old song came to me, “ Lean on Me, when you’re alone, I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on .}

The LORD continued…

“I AM about to ERUPT & EXPLODE upon the scene – in your neighborhoods, in the marketplace, in your home and families.

The SON is arising with HEALING in His wings.  You will grow fat as stall fed calves!  The anointing will increase immeasurably.

You have no idea of the great plan I have had for you!  I WILL DO MIGHTY THINGS through all who love ME!  I will turn around churches who have kept Me out.

I will upgrade those who have disdained My Holy Spirit, so long as their hearts have loved ME.  THERE IS NOTHING that My glory cannot change!

I WILL SHOCK MANY into submission to MY WILL and purposes.  THINK BIG, and ask for MY eyes to see with.

HOLINESS IS MY IDEA.  BUT IT IS I ALONE WHO hold the keys to death and hell.  Do not judge before the time any man.  Only judge as I would ask you to judge.

I WILL PUT AWAY ALL DOUBT AND UNBELIEF among My own.  AM I UNABLE to change anyone?  Is My grace so weak and my blood so meager a gift that you think it incapable of changing the hardest of hearts?

What were you before you said YES to ME?  Did you steal?  Then you were a thief.  Did you have an abortion?  Then you were a murderer?  Did you have sex before marriage?  Then you were a fornicator.

Did you lie?  Then you were a liar.  Are any of these lesser sins that I didn’t have to die for.  Then why do you look at the lost as if they are strange to be so lost when the world has grown so evil?

You murder babies before they are born in astronomical numbers, and at the same time America, you wonder why the youth are killing each other.

Have you not set an example before your sons and daughters of devaluing life?

Have you not taught them by example, even in MY CHURCH, that life can be just easily snuffed out if it is too inconvenient?

So why are you surprised at euthanasia and rationalization of murder that is in your streets?

REPENT and turn that there may still be hope of restoration.  I did not come into the world to condemn the world, but to SAVE IT.  So do NOT look down at those who have gone the way of the world and write them off.


REPENT OF YOUR OWN PRIDE and ARROGANCE and HYPOCRISY My church, for you have been weighed in the balances and found WANTING.

I WILL HAVE A SPOTLESS BRIDE.  And I will come NOW to set My church in order.  MY GOVERNMENT HAS NO END.  NOW, I will arise – Now I will make Myself known!

I will keep those who love ME, safe in My arms until your purpose here is fulfilled.  Many of you are called to difficult lifestyles and I have been preparing you, so that you can teach others the TRUTH.

So few know the TRUTH.  So few are taught the fullness of the scriptures for they have been twisted to man’s desires and carnality.  He who desires to be godly in CHRIST MUST SUFFER, I have said.  Yet men have not taught this truth.

They enjoy their comfort more than serving others.  THIS WILL CHANGE.  I have groomed an army who knows what it is to suffer for My name’s sake.

And it is to THESE that I will extend GREAT FAVOR to subdue cities and nations.  Do not think your suffering has been in vain, or that I have not seen your perseverance to hold on to ME.

Your failures do not matter as much as your steadfastness to pursue ME.  Failures can be forgiven and overcome.

You have not denied ME before men, and you have struggled, so I will give to you GREAT FAVOR and ability to teach those who will come.

I will extend My scepter to you and you will bring great deliverance and healing to those I send you to.

Soon you will know that I truly have seen all, and I will make those who say they are Mine, but are not, to know that I have loved you.”

Diaspora: noun: Etymology: Greek, dispersion, from diaspeirein to scatter, from dia- + speirein to sow
1 Capitalized – a) The settling of scattered colonies of Jews outside Palestine after the Babylonian exile,  b) The area outside Palestine settled by Jews ,  c) Te Jews living outside Palestine or modern Israel
2  a) The breaking up and scattering of a people : MIGRATION,  b) People settled far from their ancestral homelands, c)  The place where these people live.


~ Priscilla

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