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Did Something CHANGE? — 4 Comments

  1. Glory Be To GOD! Lord I receive This Relevant NOW word! While we are praying and Believing God- The Father is yet Moving Mightily In our midst! Make Haste Oh Lord to Manifest Your Word! I thank you Lord for Making Haste! & Thank You my Sister Mary!❣️

  2. Thank you Abba Father for speaking your Word of Truth!  We praise you!  We glorify you!  We magnify your Name!  Let it be so according to Your Word!  In Jesus Might Name, AMEN!

  3. Jesus! All I can is this…this right here woman of God. I am in tears. This…

    These truths, these prayers are everything to me personally right now.

    Lord God hear these prayers, hear my prayers in Jesus name.


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