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Do Not Faint & Do Not Grow Weary! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you my sister, for setting the right Holy Scriptures together.
    About ABRAHAM and that we are also rooted in ISRAEL: One highly trained and communication-gifted man of the church asked a few months ago in a Bible school class in front of 50 people: “Who would dare to say we are Abraham’s children and he would be our forefather? Who can say this among us?”  I rose up my hand, what may have looked childish or naive. I did it in faith and conviction that we are ONE with ISRAEL through JESUS CHRIST. I am not a friend of Word discussions or dividing Holy Words down, where at the end of day only are left confusion and dishonour to GOD, and often dishonour among His children. Some like those discussions and never get tired of arguing. About the Bible school: They denied… and I was left a bit blamed, but no problem for me. This world is corrupt everywhere, and so in many churches, too. All know this. Because the world’s mindset doesn’t stop at church doors.
    Now about the good news: Thank you for every encouragement every day of 2017 and earlier. May you receive at least double blessings and victorious suddenlies, beloved sister Deborah ! And also my other siblings who are seeking and loving truth. We are children of GOD, and so we are brothers and sisters.

  2. Wow, Merry Christmas Daddy, as I honor you on this great Christmas glorious morning.
    Thank you for exalting me in this season, this now Season. I shall not grow weary, neither faint. I shall keep on speaking Words of faith.
    I am expecting surprises, suddenlies, every moment of My life.
    I’m expecting them to come upon me and overtake me, in my Now season, for it is my time.
    Hallelujah !!! Praise you Abba Father.
    Thank you for your great love for me. Glory to God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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