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Do You Participate in Ghosts, Goblins & Witchcraft in the land? — 22 Comments

  1. AMEN…..great article !  I made the break from the devil’s day many years ago, but the biggest shock for me was/is how vehemently CHRISTIANS defend their participation, & allow their children to as well !….even as the demons become more blatant in their evil !!

    • Barbara thank you. I agree it is shocking to me also!
      Still our hearts and prayers is for Christians to finally see how very evil it is.
      Then and only then will they take a Righteous Stand against it even in the churches who think it is alright.
      Lord open their eyes we pray in Jesus Name! ❤️

  2. Hi Joyce. Ours went out once to one building and then I lot convicted and they never did celebrate Halloween. They never believed in Santa Claus either as I told them there was a true story and a pretend story, and that Santa was pretend. I read a book by Anna Mow in 74 and it said how do you expect your children to believe in God if you tell them a falsehood about Santa. So they never missed what they did not have.  On Halloween we just shut things down early and no one comes to our door. I apply the blood of Jesus to every window and door post of our home. Praise God we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. In this case it’s the truth about Halloween. A good post.

    • Thank you. That is as I do also. Patricia. I shut my lights off and pray over my house, anointing the doorpost and pleading the blood of Jesus over the house! Good idea about every window, too. We don’t do Santa at all either. On Christmas Day we have a gathering with food and small gifts but instead do the reading of baby Jesus! No Santa clauses allowed here! I know Jesus probably was born another time, but we use the season to still celebrate the greatest gift ever been given! Love you sis.  ❤️

    • Interesting, Staci. I will have to check out reformation day. Thank you for coming by and commenting. Blessings ❤️

      • Your’e welcome! And there is a great film you, or anyone else interested, can watch called “Luther” starring Joseph Fiennes that is very good.

  3. If only parents could see the subtle open door of evil to their children all in the name of treats. I got to thinking, Joyce, we say trick or treat and never realize we have been ‘tricked’ again for something to satisfy our flesh and we are training our children to follow that desire. xoxo Sandi

  4. Even harvest parties on 10/31 is a subtle form of representing halloween. That day should be ignored completely and treated as any other day.

    • Thank you Marvin for that. I never saw a harvest party to be honest but if it subtly represents Halloween I would most agree!! God bless you.

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