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  1. When your life is in real danger over years, and you have offensive, offending battles, it is not right to keep this all hidden or secret. For there are plans to demolish strong people into sick nobodys. Everything what happened for GOD’S sake, never was hidden. Bible is filled with true life and history stories. Time did not stop when Jesus went to heaven.
    More and more it comes clearer how terrible we are all in danger. Better to be quiet ? Better to sink down in agony ? Then devil and his luziferian kingdom has his hand over the earth. BUT WE SHALL NOT BE QUIET AND WE SHALL STAND FOR THE TRUTH AND FOR GOD’S KINGDOM. Cowardice is sin, says GOD. I wish I never would have been so near to death for truth’s sake. Some who rescued many, had to die too early. May you read truther.org. I wish that all would understand who the Nazis really are. And that the propaganda against Jews, Germany and all Christians is a big negative mindcontrol program. Too many cowered back in fear. I understand them. But GOD tells us, not only to look for our own safety (Ezekiel 34) but sound the alarm for many. Maybe I shared too much. BUT GOD knows my intentions. It is not for getting famous. It is for all of you. Thanks to Angus and Jill for not having cast me out here. I truly wanted to finish, as many know. But things were getting worse and they tried to catch me on every way and tried to silence me forever. God knows. He will bless you for your prayers.

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