Don’t Be Like Them!


You don’t always know which way that the Spirit wants to go.  The way of the Spirit, is the best way; in fact, it is the only way to go today.

It may take a while, but sooner or later, going forward with our own program, claiming something we are not and glorying in ourselves, will come to naught.  There are two lines of thought that many of us are dealing with in this hour.  Why have things turned out the way they have?  And why has God let it go on so long?  We’re talking about this world, but also in the Church.

If we are going to see the genuine manifestation of the Holy Ghost, now and in the days ahead, we must learn how to follow His lead.  I feel I must say to all those who are calling themselves by so many titles, and to those who claim gifts they have not paid for, you are not going to do any miracles by yourself when you do come up against the real forces of darkness, you will have no true power.

I am well aware today that the time is so close; that the powers of darkness will begin to perform great signs and wonders.  Many will be deceived; there’s a very fine line between what is real, or fake.

This started out to be a message about working worthy.  Maybe it still is.  Many of us have a calling; in fact, all of us do.  Those who are truly called and chosen have some instructions and directions to follow.

I don’t know why exactly, but I feel impressed to say something I’ve kind of known for a long time.  It’s this: You cannot be a good leader, until you have first been a good follower.

In Ephesians 4, it starts out talking about walking.  Before the writer even gets to the part about the five-fold ministry, he talks about how people who are called should act; from the very beginning.  How does all this start?

The very first step to take, is humility.  That’s what it means by the word “lowliness.”  Humble; not arrogant or self-assured; not thinking we are so much more deserving of respect, more amply qualified or so much higher than all those around us.

Just as a thought, did anyone ever wonder where the expression “holier than thou” came from?  Why it’s been used so much?  We can’t be humble and be like that.  The very next word is meekness.  These are the first two biblical requirements for those who are called.

It seems that all of this age of relying on self and promoting self, has caused us to forget that.

One definition says that humility is forsaking self-righteousness.  It speaks of gentleness, as maintaining self-control.  It seems like back in the day, when we learned about the word “long-suffering,” it’s also called being patient, bearing with one another, and also being tolerant.

One might say this is old school and things are different now.  Let it be declared and understood that this is still very much on time – call it new day, or our day.  Why?  Because this is all part of the fruit of the Spirit.  It’s the way the true Spirit in us acts.  Without manifesting this fruit, we cannot give a true word from God.

There are some things we simply cannot do if we are not spiritual.  The apostles taught about lifting up the weak; we were admonished to do just that.  Not making things as hard as we can on them; not shunning them or pushing them out.

But it takes a spiritual person to do that.  Meekness, is the first good trait necessary to work with fallen people and those who have made mistakes.  As it is written, you have to be spiritual first.  It will offend some, but could it be possible that our lack of restoring people, might be because we have not been spiritual enough?  It takes, the real fruit of the Spirit.

There is a great push today to cave in; just go ahead and be like so many others; talk harshly or deceitfully, give up being a real Holy Ghost believer by conforming to hatefulness, cold-heartedness and self-centeredness and just be a form of what we’re really supposed to be.  Or not even what we once were.

This pressure, this wave of pure darkness that is and is coming upon us, wants us to give up.  Just forget it; be like the rest.

We can’t be like them, we just can’t.  I’ve come too far, and yes, paid too much, to give in to them now.

Let us purpose in our hearts, that we won’t be like that.

I want to repent, ask forgiveness, square my shoulders back and be like Him.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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