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Don’t Listen to the Antichrist Spirit! — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Ken,
    Thank you for your word here as well as the other 2 you wrote talking about the Lord restraining the Antichrist…that now is not his time.  I am grateful that the Lord gave you not just one word, but chose to repeat it as it helped me to hear it again.

    I have a question fo you…Per your note at the end of the article where you said,

    “Please hear me.

    The LORD said to me, “Many of My People who will die in the fire coming, because they are not ready for what is coming.”

    The LORD has warned me over and over of many of His people who will fall down and be hurt.  Simply because they are not walking in faith, and in the truth!”- I am concerned! 

    I have been walking with the Lord many years & have seen Him save me in many situations & do many things on my behalf including even a few miracles, but still my faith gets shaken when I see such evil plans in the world continuing to unfold!  How can I be ready for what’s coming?  I feel like I should already be ready!!  How can I walk in the truth more & what do you mean by that exactly?

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