Don’t Take My Burdens, or my Cross Away


It almost seems a bit odd to say, that asking God for a burden, was once considered a part of the journey.  It was actually understood, that there was a price to pay for living for God.  But we live in a time, when many don’t want to talk about the Cross, the blood of Jesus Christ or any kind of burden to carry.  Don’t even mention that there might be some kind of sacrifice, much less that anyone might have to suffer some kind of persecution or test; much less a trial.

It’s possible that some folk might want things from God, or even a few things in the Spirit, but let’s not have too much of that fellowship of His suffering.  If the truth was really told, most people, don’t have any idea of what it has cost someone to have certain gifts or calling in the Kingdom.  It seems easy for them to be envious and jealous of what others may have in the Spirit, but they know little, of what it cost.  It may seem a bit different, to say that we sometimes need to “qualify ourselves” for some of the things we seek for.  In other words, we may need to be approved first; by God.

The Lady wrote this song, which might now be considered, back in the day.  It was back in the day alright, when having a burden, was still considered to be spiritual, and necessary to win souls.  You can’t very well do any kind of intercessory prayer for someone, if you have no burden for people.  I do recall, that back during the time I started to Bible School, there was an old chorus that I loved so much; it never left me.  It said, “Lord lay some soul, upon my heart, and love that soul through me. And may I ever do my part, to win that soul for thee.”  We shed many tears to that back then; so many.

Dottie wrote, “for I would grow careless, and idle I fear, my eyes would be dry, and I would never shed a tear.  Lest I forget, that I need you each day, don’t take my burdens, or my cross away.”  The Cross can get heavy, you know.  It’s not always an easy load.  But there’s one thing that we can be sure of.  The Cross leads us to kneel, before His nail scarred feet.  You see, we cannot know Him, without it.  Let’s name a few other songs.  Must Jesus bear the Cross alone, and all the world go free.  Jesus, keep near the Cross.  Take up thy Cross and follow me and The Old Rugged Cross.

I don’t say this curtly, but it’s why you see so many who are for themselves, in it for money, out for show, overbearing, so critical and condemning and actually so shallow in the real Word.  They have no burden, and they are not carrying the real Cross of Christ.  Those with a real burden, have no time for being envious or jealous; because, Jesus, knew what it felt like to be treated that way.  Now, do I complain about this Cross sometimes; yes, I do; a real Cross, is heavy.  But I also repent with tears . Because, I can’t know Him or be like Him, without a little taste, of what He went through.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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