The Lord said there is another attack coming — 3 Comments

  1. Bless you for delivering this word.  I read it when it was first posted.  I am now confronting the spirit of Jezebel within our family.  The Lord is helping me stand….all praise and glory to Him!!

  2. Let us join together in prayer for our families, pleading the blood over those who have hurt us and over ourselves who have experienced pain and disappointed. Also pray for some of us who have been mislead and have hurt one another. Lets lift up each other in prayer and point one another to our Lord.

    Holy Father, your love and kindness strengthens us during these trying times.  We look to you to be our rear guard and our vindication. We pray for our church family facing struggles in our families and homes. We know Lord you are greater than our troubles and the source of our strength. We pray for a peace to sweep among your people and your vindication to rise up like a banner before us! Set us free from the fiery darts of the enemy coming in the form of harsh words meant to hurt us. Thank you for your goodness, mercy, restoration, healing, reconciliation between family members and for each family member, and unspeakable joy that the world can’t take away! In all these things I give Glory, Honor, and Praise to the Lamb, our Lord Jesus who was slain in our place to make us righteous and holy in your sight, Father. Thank you father for hearing us when we pray and granting us what we ask for in your sweet son Jesus’s name. Amen!

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