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  1. This morning, God gave me a vision related to what you got from God. By the time I was 15, I had lived in a traditional Korean house in the countryside. At first, my family had only four rooms, but later on, my father renovated the house and made five more rooms, which of some were for rent. Anyway, in the vision, somebody was sitting on the highest place in my house. There were some other people following him. I was sitting as one of them, painting a picture on my desk and it was almost done. Out of the blue, without my notice, the man was holding my picture and put it into his drawer. In the next scene, I went out of my house to say goodbye to my friend. But when I stepped into my house again, I felt lots of heaviness of fear. At that moment, my soul inside me started shouting, “Blood of Jesus, Blood of Jesus, Blood of Jesus.” My soul shouted it again and again until the evil heaviness disappeared. It took some time and I felt so tired. What was interesting was that as the renovated rooms were lit up, people inside started to walk out of my house. Some of them were foreigners. This vision reminded me of my inheritance from God. I felt I needed to keep my portions from the enemies. Hallelujah. Confirmation. Thanks, Deborah♡

  2. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!
    Every single WORD hit me like a Mac truck!!!!!
    I am the Redeemed of the Lord and I say so!!!
    The other day I was at a friend’s very early, to help her with a project. I left there to go to work and took the off ramp onto “35” heading North. I know Isaiah 35 by heart Deborah. This word makes me want to shout and dance for JOY, or more like the JOY OF THE REDEEMED!! :D So here coming toward me as I was entering Highway 35 a HUGE BEAUTIFUL BALD EAGLE!!! It was flying South, very low, down 35 and took the exit and flew directly over my vehicle….THIS IS A TRUE STORY!! This Word has been His promise for me, and not just for me but for ALL who are His!!! But He revealed it too me going on 30 years ago now…..WOW!! Oh what a ride it has been!!!
    Then, just this morning on our Monday morning prayer conference call, as I was praying, suddenly the words “LET THE REDEEMED OF THE LORD SAY SO” CAME UP OUT OF ME SOO STRONG DEBORAH!!!
    Oh my God You are soo Good, You are TRULY above and beyond Lord, HALLELUJAH!!
    Praise God for you beautiful lady!! It’s been so bad here, there are just no words how badly I needed this!! Our God is SOO SOO GOOD! I’ve been asking Him this morning how He’s going to make it all beautiful like He promised, and have been thanking Him that He surely will, He already is!!
    God bless your beautiful heart sister Deborah!! :)

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