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The LORD’s Call To Arms — 2 Comments

  1. Sandi this is so good. One can turn this into a prayer from beginning to end. It is so full of what is needed in this hour and how we need to walk. Partial obedience is not obedience. It is knowing our place, walking in it and staying in formation like those jets do but we must walk and keep ranks before we fly. I love the way our Canada geese know when one is tired that another steps up. I really like this Word and will share it. It is snowing and this is something that gives me joy. Smile. Have a good day Sandi and please pray for me for strength. love you sis.

    • Yes indeed my sister, Patricia, I will be praying for you for strength..Would love to see the snow. I know I will see it pretty soon in Kansas. We are experiencing unseasonably warm weather up in the 70’s. Down in the 40’s one day and climbing up to the 70’s the next. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I truly believe the Lord is giving us a fresh new perspective for this war. We must see from his perspective. Thanks for sharing. Love you..sending prayers! Sandi

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