Double Double

Yesterday Pieter posted a word about “Double” which the Spirit in me strongly reacted to.  And yesterday and the day before i was driving next to a car exactly like mine – green element in one instance and right in front of me the day before.  Doubles twice.  So felt to repost two words on double that I originally got a month apart from each other:


“Does it not say that I will restore double?  Does it not say I will also render double to the wicked?  There will be double grace for those who say, ‘Yes!’ to Me.  There will be double rewards for those who have persevered to overcome.

I delight in those who love Me.  I delight to give good gifts to My children, to My Bride.  I AM a generous Lover, and I AM not slack concerning all I have promised.

I know you have waited such a long time, but all heaven has waited far longer to see what I will do in this hour.  So persevere just a bit longer for it will be so worth it, Beloved!  Your heart will thrill with delight.  You will be filled with joy for all I do in this hour.

The Enemy is restless, and trying so hard to trip up My children one way or another, to steal what I have intended.  Keep on, Beloved, for you have not yet suffered unto death, yet many of My children have suffered unto death and given their lives.  What you have suffered is nothing compared to many nations.

I will not neglect to perfect all that I want in you! I will restore to Myself a spotless Bride.  All the pain is worth the gain.  Double portion awaits all who will call on My name.

Know also that double judgment will come down on the wicked who refuse to come to Me!  Those whose hearts have become hardened and calloused, and unpliable, stubborn and unwilling will be putty in My hands, for I will do a startling thing in this hour.

There will be no excuse for not turning to Me.  Signs and wonders will be as never before, Beloved.  You will be walking signs and wonders, many of you!

Though you have been downtrodden and afflicted, I have redeemed you from the curse, and I have conquered death.

I AM coming to bring down every mountain, to elevate every valley.  I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, and I AM seeking all who will bend to My will to follow after Me.

Do not rely on things.  Do not rely on other men and women.  Do not rely on this world, but rely on My intervention.  Rely on My love, My peace, My power, My instruction, My wisdom, My understanding, My compassion, My patience.

I AM your resource remember?  You are not to be self-confident, or self-sufficient, but sufficient in My grace, My power.  Rely on Me, and you have nothing to fear.

It is a time of hiddeness and communion with Me.  Come, come, come and let Me teach you great and awesome things which you do not know.  For I AM Your loving Father, and I long to share My heart with you, Beloved. My heart is ever toward you.  Jesus is ever interceding on your behalf.  You have a King in your midst.

Do not cower in the corner.  Stand up and be counted! Stand up and proclaim My promises.  Stand up and declare My glory.  My power is greater within you than you think or imagine.  The time for healing has come.  I AM arising.

The Enemy knows and seeks to kill whom he can.  The blood protects you.  The blood has washed away your sins.  So do not give in to condemnation.  You have a way unknown to anyone other than blood-washed believers in through the veil.  There is no shame that can cling to you when you come honestly before Me, surrendering to Me.

Pray for your enemies.  Ask Me for love to love them with.  Ask Me for who to speak to, and who not.  If I AM for you, who can be against you?  If I walk with you, as I do, then what have you to be afraid of?  Trust in Me with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  Destiny is at the door!”


~ Priscilla

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