Restoring The House


There are many today, who feel that we should not speak about the Old Testament.  Some are quick to say, that this was a different dispensation, and it does not apply to us in this hour.  I recently heard two renown, powerful and anointed ministers who were among us, a lady and a gentleman, take their texts from the writings of the Old Testament prophets.  Actually, I’ve heard them do this numerous times, over the years; the prophets of that day, speaking into the lives of God’s people today.  It’s still alive.

“The vessels of silver and gold that had been taken away and brought again, were restored to the house of the Lord,” (See Ezra 6:6).  As it is in our day, there were those who tried to stop them.  But God, has always had men and women, whom He appointed and named, to stand forth and do the work He wanted done.  It’s no longer any secret, that much has been taken away from the church that God ordained here, set up in the New Testament.  He gave to His only Son, to pay for it.  Slowly, bits and pieces were removed from the house.

The Holy Ghost of God, now resides inside of men and women.  A gift that was paid for on Calvary’s rugged hill.  We, have become that temple, in which He dwells now; many members, working together as one, that make up the Body of Christ.  All in their own place, doing what each was assigned to do; and in one Spirit.  Or that’s the way it was supposed to be, according to the writings of the Apostles.  It seems quite clear today, that some of the things that God set in the church, have been taken out; even replaced by a different kind of order.  Suppressed, pushed out and silenced.

“And with them, were the prophets of God, helping them,”  Ezra 6:2.  Those who wanted this work stopped, even approached the ruler of the land, hoping to gain his favor.  The final answer was, “let the work of this House, alone,”  Ezra 6:7.  In the spiritual house of the Lord today, there are some things, that God wants to restore.  This house, is not confined within some four walls; for we the people, are the Church today.  Christ is not coming back for the building; He is coming back for those who have made themselves ready.  Their names, are written in the Lambs book of Life. They are all His.

The Spirit, is speaking to the Church in this hour.  Many are not hearing, because they have tuned out that voice; or their ears, have become very dull.  There has been deception afoot. Does it even make sense, that Christ would come back for disorder; that the ministries God our Father orchestrated for His Son, would be without real balance.  Rearranged and shifted amiss, by the ways of men.  The desire for total power, money and control in many places, has resulted in these self-reliant programs that do not follow the leading of the Spirit. It’s only a form, of the original.

He’s going to put those things back.  On the cusp of time, there are those whom He has chosen, to do just that.  Promises were made; a way of sacrifice and tribulation, encountered.

I heard an anointed and true apostle declare again recently, that the Holy Ghost is going to deal with anyone who gets in His way.  He did before, in the early church.  The world is crying; they are running to and fro, searching for the answer; madness multiplies on a daily basis.

The work God wants done, can not be accomplished in totality, with the plan so many are using today.  We cannot know where the Spirit is going, if we do not follow Him.  It will all be restored; and very soon.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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