Dream: The Celebration


I had a dream this morning regarding the Church, what is in it, and our relationship with the LORD.

Scene 1

I’m looking at a vast meadow in front of an enormous castle that’s in the background.  There are many people there for a huge celebration.  They are divided into two groups.  It looks like there is a wide area like a path or aisle going down the middle between the two groups.

There are poles with colorful flags / banners and people walking about in gowns and other clothes, most of the men are covered by cloaks, all very colorful.  Small tents are towards the back of the meadow with people gathered about them as well and a gigantic forest beyond the tents.

It is as if I’m at a medieval event of games such as jousting or sword fighting.  I can hear people laughing, talking and joking.  I can feel the expectancy in the air.  I’m expecting a knight to come out of a tent in the back at any moment and get on his horse to come entertain the gathering.

It gets quiet and a group of women and men come into the back of the area from the forest.  All of these men and women are also wearing cloaks, and I can hear the music getting ready to play for them.

Suddenly the cloaks are cast off.  What appears underneath for all to see is that every person is dressed in black.  They have on masks, and the women put on tall pointy hats that are also black, with black veils.

These men and women begin to dance up through the middle of the two groups.  First the dance is nameless and faceless, but then it becomes perverted in its words, music, and actions.

The area between the groups widens even more.  On the “dark” side, some of the people are standing quietly, as if in a stupor or state of confusion about what is going on before them.  Some of the others in this same group begin to quietly, sway with the music.

Then as the music becomes louder they begin to clap and cheer for the performance they are seeing before them, as they are pulled into it by the music, cheering, dancing, and encouragement of the others in the group.  Then some of those who had been standing in a stupor on that half of the celebration begin to be lured into the cheering and dancing as well.

At first the group on the other half of the division in the meadow, see the group from the forest, come in to perform.

But when the cloaks come off and the black garb and veils appear I can hear people shrieking and screaming, horrified at what they see before them.  Some of the men begin to draw swords and others stand ready to do, whatever needs to be done, to stop what they are seeing.

Scene 2

I can see people lined up in front of the two groups with a man dressed as someone who would lead a large group.  He’s wearing a long white garment, with a tall hat.  Both have gold embroidery on them.  He is older, with stringy short white hair peeking out beneath his hat in disarray.  He is just standing there waiting.

Then a woman comes up between the two groups dressed in a beautiful white gown.  Her face is radiantly shining and she appears to be so happy, as she literally glides forward.  She is the bride.

She gets to the front and waits as she and the leader are the only two standing there.  The leader moves closer to her.  From underneath the folds of the garment he is wearing he pulls out a knife and stabs the bride twice on her right side.

The first stab is high near her collar bone and then another, about three inches directly underneath it.  He then drops the knife and runs.

The crowd that is watching on the “dark” half of the meadow cheers and shouts, like they think this is part of a game.  The crowd on the other side gasps and loud screams are heard over the horror they are watching unfold before them.

Suddenly the groom comes forward and catches the bride before she falls to the ground.  He speaks, “LIFE” to her and pulls the knife out of its last attempt to kill her.  The bride immediately stands and all is well for her.

Those who were cheering begin to run willy-nilly in confusion and some are bumping into each other.  Fear is rampant on this half of the meadow, as they try to escape.

The groom’s cloak comes off and he is shining like the Son.  Cloaks of the other men in the group also come off and the radiance that beams from the Son and their armor is so bright, many are blinded on the opposite side.

There is further chaos as those from the “dark” side, who are trying to leave in fear, are unable to move out of the group.  It is as if there is an invisible corral around them that prohibits them and the evil with them from leaving the area.

Some can’t even move as the fear and conviction compels them to stay where they are, whether on the ground, standing, or bending over.   It is as if they are statues.  Others appear to run around within this group in the corral in slow motion and great confusion.

All of these on this side are unable to speak.  Even when try to speak, nothing comes out of their mouths and you see them stomp and tears falling in frustration and confusion.

The Son comes forward, and speaks “WORDS OF LIFE AND FREEDOM” to all who are there.  Many fall down on their faces to worship Him.

I can now see that some who are on the “dark” side who have chains and manacles around their hands and ankles.  These are suddenly shattered and broken!  The hoods that are now obvious and over their heads fall off and they can see once again!

The yokes over their shoulders are broken off as well.  These who were once captured as slaves for evil, begin to shout and dance before the Son as they realize their FREEDOM and PRAISE HIM!!!

Others in this same group are still trying to escape or are still as statues, even though they are still held in the invisible corral.  Those who are in armor, shining brightly as the Son, are able to quickly gather those who have tried to destroy the kingdom and future of the Prince and His Bride, through their trickery and spells and disperse of them.


We are looking forward to the wedding of the Prince, the Son of God, and His Bride.  This dream gives a picture of that, and what the enemy is willing to do AND IS NOW DOING WITHIN THE CHURCH AND BODY OF CHRIST IN ALL NATIONS.

He is not willing to stop it at any cost.  The enemy is strongly hitting in all areas of the seven mountains (If you aren’t aware of the seven mountains then you need to go to this link for an explanation / overview) but the enemy is currently hitting strongest in the areas of media, business, and government, as you can see in almost all nations.

Scene 1

In the beginning the happy celebration is only that.  We have no clue as to what will transpire before us.  The celebration takes place before the castle which is the Kingdom of God that has a meadow or the world around us in front of it.  The division or the path / aisle between the two groups is the division between God’s light and the darkness of the enemy.

You can see the excitement and joy over the expectancy of the coming celebration.  It can be seen in the colorful clothes and the laughing, talking, and joking that is taking place. The banners or flags are symbols of authority for the tribes that are attending.

Many appear to be wearing cloaks, which appears to be part of their clothing.  Please understand that when people during the medieval period (and some today) wore cloaks, it fully covered their upper body down to approximately mid-calf length.

This is unless they were opened or a side was flipped over a shoulder, otherwise no one  couldn’t see what was underneath it.  So a cloak can be used to hide things, as well as part of their clothing, or to keep them warm or shielded from rain or other weather.

Different cloaks and their colors had different meanings and represented authority, again, depending on the tribe they were part of and the rank they held within it.

The forests at the back of the meadow behind the tents where the people come out of represents the nations of the world and can be a place of danger and darkness where one can easily get lost or harmed, if they do not know the way.

It is the same for us, without God and His way established in us with His strategies, plans, and our obedience, we do not stand a chance in the world or the forest around us.

Those who come out to celebrate from the forest that appear in black represent the spirits of Jezebel and witchcraft that are in many people within the church, both knowingly and unknowingly, as well as in those outside the body of Christ.

Jezebel is mentioned in the book of Revelation and is there for a reason, as a warning to the body of Christ.  It shows the intent of the enemy to use that spirit of witchcraft, to help bring death and destruction to the Kingdom of God.  God is also exposing through John who wrote it the extent of what the enemy will do to destroy the Kingdom of God.

All of the clothes underneath the cloaks of those entering from the forest are black which represents death and destruction, which again is what those spirits bring to the body of Christ.  They are all wearing cloaks, masks, and the women also wear veils on their hats to hide them, so they can enter to deceive those who are attending.

The cloak hides whatever is underneath it.  While the mask and veil represent the pretense or deceit they are working under and are a part of in the camp of the enemy.

They are dancing a dance of celebration, but it isn’t to the LORD, due to their status, blatantly shown by the colors and veils they are wearing, as well as trying to hide it all beneath cloaks.

They are nameless and faceless because of the masks and hoods that are being worn by those in the crowd and the dancers.  It is through the music, words, rhythms, actions and chanting which appears as cheering that they hope to set a spell upon all who are there, so they can lead them blindly on the wrong path.

They dance because they were told to dance, and they believe what they are doing combined with their leader will stop the wedding of the Prince and His Bride, as well as destroy the Kingdom of God and His Beloveds.

They have been brainwashed through the manipulation, control, mind control and confusion operated through the spirits of witchcraft and Jezebel.

The music they play, their actions, and the propaganda they speak literally casts a spell on those around them so they cannot determine what is right or wrong, because they have left their first love.

So they find themselves beginning to sway and clap to the perversion that is dancing before them or they enter into agreement with it, which is exactly what the enemy is doing now.  He is playing a game called, “Perverting the Truth” through music, words and actions.

But many have been away from the LORD so long, they don’t see what is before them, or they believe what they have been told by friends or others, sometimes by themselves, because they didn’t bother to check it in God’s Words and ask the LORD about it.

A cow, is a cow, is a cow.  You can’t make it a mouse, because that’s what it wants or because you’ve been told by a friend that it’s a mouse, so you will believe it, because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings of you want to be politically correct.

It will always be a cow, unless somehow the DNA is changed.  God says in His Word, He is the only one you can trust.  YOU ARE NOT TO TRUST YOUR OWN HEART.  YOUR OWN HEART IS EVIL AND WILL DECEIVE YOU.

“He who leans on, trusts in, and is confident of his own mind and heart is a [self-confident] fool, but he who walks in skillful and Godly Wisdom shall be delivered,”   Proverbs 28:26 (AMPC).

“Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the LORD with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your won insight or understanding,”   Proverbs 3:5 (AMPC).

“For the mean person will speak meanness, his heart planning evil, so that he can act godlessly, spreading error concerning ADONAI, as he lets the hungry go on starving and deprives the thirsty of drink,”   Isaiah 32:6 (CJB).

“But they neither listened nor paid attention, but lived according to their own plans, in the stubbornness of their evil hearts, thus going backwards and not forward,”   Jeremiah 7:24 (CJB).

“And you have done worse than your ancestors, for – look! – each of you lives according to the stubbornness of his own evil heart, so that you don’t listen to me,”   Jeremiah 16:12  (CJB).

“So then they come to you, as people do, sit in front of you as my people, and hear your words; but they don’t act on them.  For with their mouths they flatter you, but their hearts are set on their own self-interest,”  Ezekiel 33:31  (CJB).

“Don’t drag me off with the wicked, with those whose deeds are evil; they speak words of peace to their fellowmen, but evil is in their hearts,”   Psalm 28:3  (CJB).

“They plan evil things in their hearts – they continually stir up bitter strife,”   Psalm 140:3 (CJB).

“This is another evil among all those done under the sun that the same events can occur to anyone.  Truly, the human mind is full of evil; and as long as people live, folly is in their hearts; after which they go to be with the dead,”   Ecclesiastes 9:3 (CJB).

The area between the groups in the meadow widens more, as the evil gets darker and it is a further division between the light of God and the darkness of the enemy.

Swords from the “light” side are drawn and they are ready to fight as needed when they recognize what is happening before them.  They are not blinded, for they have filled themselves with the spirit of the LORD and they are “armed and dangerous.”

Scene 2

The leader although dressed in white and gold, is wearing a hat and has short, stringy, white hair peeking out beneath the hat.  That should give you clues he isn’t the real deal or is a false leader. He is not our Heavenly Father.

The man in white is trying to be God with his white hair and by being dressed in white flowing garments with gold embroidery.  I don’t know about you, but due to the LORD’s age, I envision Him with flowing long white hair, not short stringy hair.

Stringy hair tells me his “covering” is unclean or an additional interpretation would be his covenant with the LORD is dirty or unclean.  He doesn’t live by any covenant with the LORD, but he lives by his own rules.  God doesn’t need to wear a hat, so that knocks this person out of the ballpark for trying to impersonate God.

The woman in the white dress coming down the path / aisle is the bride.  She is radiant in her appearance and literally floats down the aisle / path in her happiness.

Even through this, the bride is waiting for her Prince to show up, knowing and trusting Him in all things.  She is patiently waiting, waiting, waiting for the right time to come forth, whether she is at the back or the front of the gathering, she is trusting her Prince, that all is well.

The false leader’s actions of stabbing the bride represent what those with a Jezebel and witchcraft spirits do to try to destroy and kill the bride before she can marry her intended.

This is not just spiritual but these attacks are often felt physically as stabs in the back or heart, by those who are prophetically inclined as they do warfare to overcome evil that pervades the earth.

The bride is stabbed twice on her right side.  The number two means both unity and division.  The false leader is trying to “DIVIDE” the heart of the LORD in the bride and he was trying to kill her to keep her from true “UNITY” with her Prince the Son of God.

She is stabbed on the right side, which speaks of the power and authority of God, allegiance to Him, honor, self-denial, and her fellowship with the LORD.

The first time she is stabbed near her collar bone which acts as a frame to hold her neck in place, which says she is submitted to the LORD and the enemy is trying to break / divide her submission to the LORD, and change it to himself.

The collar bone is also attached to her shoulders, which signifies strength, dependability, the government, and again bearing authority, which would be a governmental authority once married to the Prince.

The other thing implied by the area the enemy stabbed is that he is trying to get through to vital organs, which in that area are the lungs (Breathe of Life) and the heart (Heart of God).

It could also include the liver (Cleanses the Blood – to make us pure and detoxifies chemicals or Delivers us from Evil) and possibly the kidneys (extracts waste from the blood or again purifying our Blood and creating urine or creating and pulling out waste products so we aren’t poisoned by them) as targets.

The second time she was stabbed it was three inches below the first stab.  The number three has many biblical meanings, but in this case, I believe it refers to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit or Trinity, who bring LIFE upon the earth, even when the enemy tries to destroy us, multiple times.

I don’t know that the false leader sees the Prince come forward to catch the bride, but the he runs to escape any retaliation from those who love the Prince and His Bride.

The fact that the crowd from the “dark” side cheers and shouts like they think this is all a game, tells you how deluded they are and the confusion and mind control that is being held over them to get them to do everything that they are and have done so far.

It also says they have been blinded by the enemy, because they don’t even see what they are doing by their reactions to the events of the day, so far.

The crowd on the “light” side is seeing the effects of what is happening before them and they are willing to do what needs to be done to overcome the evil that is being presented to them.

The Prince speaking “LIFE” to His Bride, represents His Love for us and that He is there to catch us and to heal and restore us, as He loves us dearly.

The chaos on the “dark” side represents the kingdom of darkness and what they often do to people who embrace their mindset.  The confusion on the dark side also appears to be peaking, as people are now running into each other, which happens when they are filled with fear and blinded by the spiritual powers manipulating them.

The particular fear they are experiencing is the Fear of the LORD, so it isn’t to be taken lightly. Some of them become like statues and can’t move, due to the conviction they come under.

Some can’t speak, because the LORD has closed the mouth of the enemy, so they cry and stomp their feet in frustration, unable to manipulate or control anything at this point.  They are beginning to understand there is no escaping the wrath, judgment, and compassion of the LORD when He chooses to use it through His grace and mercy.

The fact that the Prince speaks “LIFE and FREEDOM” to everyone, shows His grace, mercy, and heart of compassion.  One Word from Him delivers them from the evil they have been bound by and gives them the opportunity to worship the LORD and repent for their sins.

Those who are still running around trying to escape represent those who will turn their backs to the LORD, even in the end, and will be taken away, never to return.


Will this happen?  I don’t know how God will play it all out.  But I believe this is a good picture of the enemy being willing to stop at nothing to destroy all those who oppose him and his plans to overthrow the Kingdom of God through deception and every other tool he possesses.

God is warning us to the possibilities and giving us examples of the extremes the enemy will go to, although it could even be worse than He has shown.

I do know that God is the One in control and that He is the One who rules and reigns in the end regardless of what the enemy attempts or wants to happen.

The enemy will continue to try to divide and conquer, destroy and kill those in the body of Christ and anyone else who gets in His way to try his takeover of the world.

We continue to need to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves to overcome the deception that is coming over the world.  We continue to need to seek the LORD to draw ever closer to Him and to learn His strategies and timing to overcome and defeat the challenges that are put before us.

We need to TRUST HIM and not man, in everything we do.  Finally we need to continue to WORSHIP, WORSHIP, WORSHIP OUR LORD GOD ALMIGHTY IN EVERYTHING WE SAY AND DO.


God Bless You!
Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer


I’ve had people ask how do I get the interpretations, so all I can say is it is a gift from the LORD, that He allows me to use for myself and others at times.  But I can also say that I’ve sought help when I’ve needed it or not understood something that I’ve written or seen.

My friend, Priscilla Van Sutphin is great at helping me, and did through discussion with this one, as it was quite lengthy and there were parts that I picked up on immediately and others that when I read it to her, she immediately knew.

The final thing that helps with interpretation is your knowledge and understanding of the Bible and using other books for references.

Two of the books that are available and that I would recommend are “In A Dream, In A Vision of the Night” by Susan Riddle and “Interpreting the Symbols and Types by Kevin Conner.


Beverly Juelsgaard-FischerGod has allowed Beverly to minister all over the world through the internet, and in person through conferences, church services, and small groups.  Beverly’s heart is to see the Body of Christ walk in the freedom that God means for them, so they can develop a deep intimacy with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  She ministers to others through prophetic words, and other gifts, bringing breakthrough and calling people into a constant pursuit of His Heart to actively hear His voice for themselves and others. Beverly lives near Danville, VA.

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