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  1. These are all so amazing wonderfull words that Jesus is coming and raising us up, that the time is finally here when God fulfills his promises. I’m so encouraged! But I’m asking myself when this is going to be? I’m waiting sooo long and it never comes. How long will God wait to fulfill his words? His understanding of time seems much much much slower than ours. I’m so desperately waiting for my blessed hope.

  2. This I MUST confirm. It’s about Isaiah 60 ! A few days ago my son returned from the Indonesian island Bali. I pleaded him like only a loving and caring mother or father may understand – to take the next flight back home, no matter what it costs, for I knew, on his regularly booked flight in the end of March there will be no more chance to get on a plane anywhere, at least from Bali. I texted him Isaiah 60 to his mobile phone on the airport.  My hope and trust during these days was so intense in Isaiah 60: “Your sons will return home from afar”. Thank GOD, he made it home, and while he was up in the air, a worse earthquake hit Bali ! And about the eagles: I saw and still see big royal milanes everywhere in these days, flying over my area. My dad loved thows birds. I gave my son the second name, among Stefan, the name Milan. Not important for anyone to know, but just to add it: The name of his Yugoslawian dad is also Milan. My son and I are Germans. By the way, the costs for flights exploded 7-fold higher now, just in these last days, and only travellers with cash now can get home…

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