Embrace the Narrow Place!


Day 33:   “Embrace the Narrow Place!”

We are beginning the month of AV!  Don’t miss our Firstfruits Celebration today!

This month is the time that you face your narrow place, watch God move on your behalf, and see yourself press through.  This is the time that the destruction from your path can become the beauty of your future.

Tracey Liggett expresses this so well from the Israel Prayer Garden that I chose to use what she wrote and the video she created as our Day 33 prophetic devotion.


Shabbat Shalom All!

As we enter in to the dire straits that accompany the ninth of Av, I want to encourage all of you to embrace the squeezing of the narrow place!

We crushed our first batch of grapes from this harvest this week – so exciting to see the plowing and sowing of the past season becoming the new wine!  Remember – the crushing and squeezing of the narrow place is what produces the wine!

The LORD is overturning old familiar thought patterns and structures …  so don’t resist what He’s doing in your life.  Say, “Whatever it takes, LORD!”

LeAnn Squier’s prophetic song, “Beauty for Ashes”, was on my heart this week as I meditated on dire straits and this month – which is the month to transform.  I have used this song once before, but it is so relevant to the month of Av that I felt I must use it again!

It is such an illustration of what God is doing during this time of the narrow place. This is the month to come out of the ashes of your past and put on the beauty that He is mantling you with for your future!

Just as the butterfly emerges from the cocoon when it is time, declare that you are emerging this month …  transformed!

God is releasing a grace and mercy, and calling you through the narrow place in to the prosperity of your future.  Do not let the enemy goad you in to agreeing with old familiar words from your past!  As you press through the narrow place, keep your eyes on the prize!

Please visit the Beulah Acres Blog to enjoy the pictures of the grape harvest and the garden in the morning and evening light.  Then click this link to enter into the garden video.

Let the sound speak to you and minister hope to your spirit during this time of the dire straits!
~ Tracey


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  1. Dear Chuck felt I wanted to drop you a line of thanks-you came to Cape Town and on 11/3 you prayed in parliament here and gave a powerful word.you may have heard that we went to vote as a nation-this was a municipal referendum but the people voted and the destruction of this evil government has begun- God is so faithful and we know SA will return to God- watch this space! Thank you for coming and giving that message-in Jesus Name

    Cynthia Liebenberg

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