End-time Financiers of the Gospel — 7 Comments

  1. The gospel is free but not cheap,it involves money. it involves wisdom granted by God,for what is the use of money in the hands of a fool? Thank you Jesus for your wisdom.

  2. This is my fifth confirmation. The wealth of this surely world belongs to the Kingdom of our God. I am shocked at our precise this prophecy is. I hope after God has fulfilled his promise, he may gives me the Spirit of humility
    and also strength to do his commands.

  3. Thank you for confirmation and direction from the LORD of what He requires of us that He has called to be financiers of His KINGDOM.
    That we remain not proud or or have a love for wealth and possessions but what that we do not love God will use us to channel back His finances to the Kingdom although He promises us that we will lack no good thing. Amen

  4. This goes a long way to confirm all that God has been doing in my life in recent times. I’m shocked to see this post to say the least. I felt Him talking to me with reassurance once again, while reading through this. Thanks

  5. Praise the Lord! The wealth of this Earth belongs to Our Lord Jesus Christ and NOT to the wicked. This prophecy confirms what I have been deeply sensing in my life. Please pray for me that His calling over my life is fulfilled to His Glory. Thank you Sherry.

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