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Enter into the Joy of The LORD! — 6 Comments

  1. Glory to God amazing to me, for it is a sure word. These words are for me, Yes I declare and decree it to be so, for it is Confirmation to me. I know that I know this is my set time to receive all for I have been faithful. Scepters and Signet Rings, Confirmation spoken to me. Debts Cancelled and Mortgages Paid in Full is what I been asking in prayer believing and knowing The Father, will bring it to manifest in my life, long awaited prayers coming forth to me in this year as promised over my life. Glory to God !!!!! Recompense, Restoration, Coming my way !!! Thank you Jesus!

  2. Wow as I read this it was like you are talking me.
    This week I dreamt about an angel confirmed things and reassured me reading this.  It’s like you are repeating some of the things he was saying to me.
    Finally I will see the goodness of the Lord and I knew He will answer one day even thou I didn’t know when but I have waited for 8 yrs for this.
    Praise God. All I can do is give him my praise and thank him.
    Thank you for this Word.

  3. Thank you for your awesome Prophecy.

    It was as if every word I read just sent another confirmation and anointing. May you continue to be Blessed by the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

  4. “The Lord, has filled Zion (“The dead in Christ,” “sons of the resurrection,” Luke 20:36 The Bride) with justice and righteous!” Isaiah 33:5.
    Thank you Lord, for filling me with justice, and righteousness!

  5. Thanks so much Sis. Jennifer!
    I am greatly encouraged. “I had fainted unless I had believed, To see the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living”
    Having been worn down, weathered by time and circumstance, the “Crucible of The Cross” (Isaiah 49) Now, is my Time to Arise, Shine, “and the time of your mourning has ended,” Isaiah 60:1-19.
    Grace and Peace be to you!

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