Enter into the Joy of the Lord!

This Prophetic Word is published with the kind permission of
Jennifer Mars of Zion International Ministries.


During prayer with my prayer partner from VA last night, the Lord began speaking….  “You’ve finished your race, you’ve crossed the finish line.  Enter into the Joy of the Lord.”

I saw in a vision at first.  It looked like the snow on a TV set, but then as my eyes focused in on the black and white particles, it became clear to me that it was like a bee-hive but only it was flies.  I knew it had to do with Satan being known as lord of the flies (need to research this myself) but as I was watching; a wind came and blew the flies away…  they were scattered.

The very next thing I saw was this massive demon; greenish-gray skin- jacked like the Hulk, and knew him to be the Strong-Man.  it was hanging onto the side of a cliff like you would see in a movie, and I watched it’s fingers slip and it begin to slide and continue to keep holding on, for dear life, to whatever it could.

I was led to pray out, “I cut your hands off with the Sword of the Spirit…”  As I said that, I saw him fall into a deep ravine, a bottomless pit.

Then I felt a sense of relief, that many of the strong and fierce battles many have been facing, are over. Your enemies have been scattered and defeated.

It is time to enter into the Joy of the Lord.

There are many who have been going through some hardships for some time now.  Drop to your knees and thank Him, the battle is over.

Your reward and recompense are before you.

In the vision as I saw many cross the finish line.  I saw these being placed on the runners:
Medals, Crowns, Royal Robes, Scepters, Signet Rings,

I saw Mantles being released and Platforms being opened.

Enter into His complete rest today.  It is finished.  I’m not saying this to encourage you or to give you an empty word; I am telling you; your heavy battles are over!

Be prepared to receive your restoration and inheritance in Him.

I kept seeing the words “Supernatural” and “Surreptitiously”.

He is coming supernaturally, suddenly, and in a way you know not of.  He won’t give you all of the details because you would open your mouth and reveal what He is doing, and every demon in Hell would attack that thing.  Trust Him when He isn’t showing you the details. Keep thanking Him for the finished result.

Many will receive the resources for ministry.  Many businesses will flourish.

I am seeing some go from employee to owner of the Company because of the Lord’s favor.

I am seeing inventions taking off to be the next ‘household product’, some will go from depravity to great wealth, seeing debts canceled and mortgages being paid in full.

Seeing hearts changed and marriages restored; even those whose hearts were hardened and they are now Divorced; the Lord is bringing your marriage and family back together.

Seeing many engagements and quick marriages.  The ‘knowing’ is there and many will not feel as though to take long engagements; this too folds into the timing and plans of God.

I am seeing children who are out in the world, some entangled with gangs, drugs, alcohol, some even incarcerated, returning to the Lord and living for Him, and returning to their Christian parents to serve the Lord as a family.

To many, your eyes will not believe what you are seeing!  Your head will tilt like, “I see it!”  “It’s happening!”  But some things will be so profound.

I am seeing/ hearing people say, “I can’t believe it,”  even though it’s already been done and it’s in your hands!

There will be significant changes that you never even dreamed possible in your lost loved ones.  It’s almost as if the Lord has rewired them, or short-circuited their sense, logic, reasoning capabilities and they are fully wired to walk in the holiness, righteousness, and in obedience to the Lord.

Many who have struggled with diagnosis; whether mental or physical will have sudden deliverance from trauma, emotional and physical pain.  Seeing a lot of healing for backs, spines, and joint pains.

There are some, you will pray loved ones off from a death bed and some will pray loved ones back from the dead.

Seeing homes being released to those who have been in transient living conditions or have seemed to move from place to place being under hard taskmasters for Landlords.  The Lord said to tell you, “I am giving you your own home so you may settle down with your children and move no more.” (I am seeing this in particular for single mom’s struggling financially with children).

There is a Scripture in Kings when Solomon’s temple was being built.  It says, “Now the Lord thy God has given me rest on every side so there is neither adversary or evil occurrence,”   1 Kings 5:4.

This is where we as His children are headed.  Some have been through so much for so long.  The transition into peace and solitude may seem a bit challenging to you as you’ve been through so much.  That’s all you expect and at times you’ll find yourself with evil foreboding, to realize there is no evil coming.  To some it is going to take a time to adjust to this new found peace and tranquility.  The Lord is settling your fears, anxieties, worries, and nerves.

Not so much those who are not living for Him – many shall their sorrows be added unto them.  But for the righteous, the time has come that we’ve hoped for, believed for, dreamed of, and prayed for.

I am seeing laws overturned and a time, with every resources necessary released for the work of the Lord to be done in the earth for Him, before His return.

We will shine brighter, and when living for and led by Him, will be untouchable.  The darkness will continue to grow darker, but some are called to go into the darkness and pull others out.  Many will become relentless and fearless for souls.

Seeing in gang infested neighborhoods and even in Law Enforcement, the name ‘Jesus’ used, and guns misfiring and dropping, and those who were set on murder, will right then and there be disarmed in the spirit and in the natural simultaneously, and drop to their knees.

Many evil leaders will be removed.

Seeing heart attacks and tragedies.  Many will rise up with the heart of King David.  Some who have been out in the fields.  The Lord will mysteriously bring them into the front as His chosen vessel for that particular platform.

Seeing many deaths in the Music Industry and Hollywood.

Those who will turn to the Lord, will begin flooding the music and movie industry with family oriented, God inspired touching movies, and music in all genre’s will begin to promote the Lord and His Word.

Movies and Music will begin to express and speak of angels and demons, some having true depictions of warfare in the spirit realm.

It is the time for the changing of the guards, the turning of the tables.  God is a God of Justice and Vengeance and He has dealt severely with your enemies.

To the Churches; those who will bring repentance and surrender to their Staff and Congregants; many that are led by the Spirit of God and do not quench the Spirit of the Lord in His house.  Will see massive miracles and moves of God in and through them.  Much held up resources will be released upon alignment.

There are some the Lord has been dealing with, even Mega Churches.  The Lord will strike the Shepherd, the sheep will scatter looking for cover.  These leaders have contaminated the holiness of God, allowed Jezebel, Legalism, and Religion to creep in.

They have traded His Word and His truths for diluted user friendly sermons and have compromised and disillusioned His people into believing lies and a creature comfort Christianity and have weakened and even diseased His Body.  Many Leaders will be removed and the dispensation of His glory will be found in those (people and places and some unlikely) who can minister it effectively.

Many, even non believers, will have visitations of the Lord.

Many will begin to see greater manifestations of demons and angelic encounters.  Some will even see in the spirit the war in the heavenlies, that they don’t have to fight.

His glory is being released in the earth, and just like the Ark of the Covenant, Ananias and Sapphira, this anointing and dispensation is not to be played with.  For it will cause miracles, creative miracles, dead-raising power – but also death and judgment if it is mishandled, disregarded, and disrespected.

It’s is the raw power of God being released and it behooves us to reverence Him, His Presence and His Power.  Some will wear it like a cloak, and whomever you passed by, will partake of that atmosphere and will change in the midst of it!

Get ready, as it’s already here.

Jennifer MarsJennifer Mars is a Minister from Syracuse, NY and is a Co-Founder of Zion International Ministries.


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Enter into the Joy of the Lord! — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks so much Sis. Jennifer!
    I am greatly encouraged. “I had fainted unless I had believed, To see the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living”
    Having been worn down, weathered by time and circumstance, the “Crucible of The Cross” (Isaiah 49) Now, is my Time to Arise, Shine, “and the time of your mourning has ended,” Isaiah 60:1-19.
    Grace and Peace be to you!

  2. “The Lord, has filled Zion (“The dead in Christ,” “sons of the resurrection,” Luke 20:36 The Bride) with justice and righteous!” Isaiah 33:5.
    Thank you Lord, for filling me with justice, and righteousness!

  3. Thank you for your awesome Prophecy.

    It was as if every word I read just sent another confirmation and anointing. May you continue to be Blessed by the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

  4. Wow as I read this it was like you are talking me.
    This week I dreamt about an angel confirmed things and reassured me reading this.  It’s like you are repeating some of the things he was saying to me.
    Finally I will see the goodness of the Lord and I knew He will answer one day even thou I didn’t know when but I have waited for 8 yrs for this.
    Praise God. All I can do is give him my praise and thank him.
    Thank you for this Word.

  5. Glory to God amazing to me, for it is a sure word. These words are for me, Yes I declare and decree it to be so, for it is Confirmation to me. I know that I know this is my set time to receive all for I have been faithful. Scepters and Signet Rings, Confirmation spoken to me. Debts Cancelled and Mortgages Paid in Full is what I been asking in prayer believing and knowing The Father, will bring it to manifest in my life, long awaited prayers coming forth to me in this year as promised over my life. Glory to God !!!!! Recompense, Restoration, Coming my way !!! Thank you Jesus!