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  1. Amen! Re-read Mark 7:34 “Ephphatha” (Be open) (v32-34 ) I see this woman of God! – The Spirit of the Lord is saying to us “Be Open”! to non-traditional ways, ideas, methods of how God heals, delivers, restores, renews, recovers…”Be Open”! Gates in ancient Israel was where commerce was exchanged, prophets prophesied, kings judged, people gathered. Gates are an entry point that we guard and are guided. God says be open! See, I am doing a “new thing” Isaiah 43:19 Let’s go church!

  2. So good Dana!!
    I had a dream, or like a vision upon awakening, a year or so ago, maybe longer, and I could see a gate within and there were people there, (people Dana) robed in hooded garments, and the energy was thick with negative darkness, and they were chanting…it wasn’t good.
    But I declare the Light, Life and Truth of Almighty God, who’s workmanship I am, is breaking through.
    I just remembered also another dream where I was in a basement, and was milling about and stumbled into a room where there was a coffin in the middle of that room, and ladies had surrounded it and also were chanting. I asked a woman what they were doing and with a smirk on her face she scowled, “The old has passed away,” and I awoke.
    Life is truly spiritual!! Many are aware of this and have been feeding on the Church’s blessings as a result of our ignorance and apathy. I speak to the choir. I’ve been repenting and turning and partnering in the complete renewing of my mind with Holy Spirit for years now and I believe, just like you stated here, that the divine tipping point is upon us. I’m heavily persecuted day and night by witchcraft bully devils working through his poisoned deceived worshippers. Praise God, let them come to know their Maker as their Lord, their King, their Reddemer and Friend!!!
    God bless you beautiful Dana, your heart is absolutely exquisite!! :)

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