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  1. Good points!  Jesus says by His Living Word that men have contaminated many parts of the bible, even eliminating whole books & chapters, or writing what they wanted into the scriptures. The Lord Jesus has given His Living Word to one certain apostle/prophetess I know, that Paul did not write those scriptures that seem to tell women to be quiet in church!  The so called founding fathers added their own words to scripture to subdue & control women.  Jesus also says there were many women apostles and prophets in the early church, but the so-called fathers of the biblia collection decided to eliminate most of that truth from scripture, & other parts they didn’t like to try to keep women quiet.  Jesus says there is enough good scripture left that people can still see how much He loves us, and come to repentance.  rick

  2. AMEN. It is vitally imperative that we walk intimately close to The LORD, so we will not be spiritually pimped and become some demon’s happy meal. We all stand naked and exposed before his eyes and are accountable to Him.  The LORD JESUS has the absolute PREEMINENCE and He is watching. The LORD JESUS loves his bride.  Participating in secret darkness will only weaken your authority, stain your garments and defile your soul.

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