Except Those Days Be Shortened


What are we listening to today?  To whom, are we giving most of our attention, and what is our main focus at this time?

The prophet wrote of watchmen, who are dumb dogs, that cannot bark.  That’s harsh; I know it is.  But it is with urgency, that the Spirit speaks expressly.  Where are those in our fellowships, whatever they may be, who are supposed to be walking throughout the land, speaking, what “thus saith God.”

We’re not talking about all of these unappointed, unanointed and unsent people, who are clamoring and declaring false promises.  I can only speak for myself, but I do not want to hear anything about prosperity and how much I am going to be blessed.  That all has its place; if it really is by the Spirit.

I have what I need today, and so do most of the rest of us.  And we do sincerely pray for those who are sick, afflicted and burdened down with sickness and may not have the necessary things they need for everyday life.  God has already blessed us with more, than we could have ever imagined.

What I do want to hear, is what the Spirit is saying to the Church; right now.  This is not about debate; we don’t do that here on this page.  But I just read what Jesus said about great tribulation.  It will be worse than this world has ever known before, or will ever know again.  So many of us, were taught about “The Great Tribulation.”

I’m not sure where we got that expression; it does not seem that Jesus actually said it that way.  I don’t believe He was talking about the wrath that God was going to pour out here, after the Bride of Christ rises to meet Him.  It was about what we see, here and now.
We are not to have “a spirit of fear,” but we can be assured, that if we truly have the correct fear of the Lord, we are watching what is transpiring all around us and all over this world.

It only makes good sense, to fear what is upon us, if we are not prepared and we are not walking in the Spirit.  The love of money, is bringing about more tribulation than we ever expected.  But people do not want to hear anything about the beginning of sorrows.  If this is the beginning, as Jesus said it was, what comes next.  And can we endure it.

Just how strong is our faith.  What would happen to us, if we were like those who have bombs falling all around them, their homes completely destroyed, fleeing for their lives.

What about all those whose children are dying, for lack of food and clean water.  While we, brag about how great we are; assured, that it won’t ever come to us.  It’s lacking responsibility or sticking our noses in the sand, when we rant on and on about whether a certain country develops weapons, and forget just how many other countries all over the globe, already have them.  And they’re all pointed at one another!

The tide has turned.  We need, some “doomsday prophets,”  if that is what we portray them as.  Whether we like it or not, God has always had Prophets.  They predicted much doom on God’s people because God told them to warn everybody of what would come upon them, if they did not repent.

We’re already seen people who stand in long lines, waiting to get a few dollars out of a machine.  We are so sure, it can’t happen to us.  Lethargy, false contentment, loving pleasures and self or anything, more than God, has always brought about destruction and judgment.  And some very long days.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




Except Those Days Be Shortened — 1 Comment

  1. That is exactly what the Lord has put in my heart. He that ENDures to the END shall be saved. The saints will have to endure many ruthless afflictions in the days near. We will have a finacial collapse of our world before the son of perdition appears. How else will the ainti christ create a mark that we reject? Woe woe to the believers lost in there own little world while the devil is about to strike a deathblow. Repent with all your hearts and turn a new life of absolute certainty in your own sanctification. The tribulation will be the dividing line of who is really His. There must be a falling away before His return. So look in your own heart and live a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called. Look at your life from the vantage point of Heaven not earthly gain. Only two things matter: living a life of love and service to Jesus first, Others second, yourself last and the pursuit of wisdom from personal time with Jesus leading to sanctification. We must pursue our growth to be a good and faithful servant. This is the superbowl of life and its the last quarter. Make it count you only have today till your death to play your best. So make sure you have your oil like the ten virgins or he could come back and find you in sin and cast you into eternal fire when you could have lived in heaven. By there fruits I will Judge them!