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  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for new beginnings
    I have been given blinking zero’s for some weeks that I understood as a time to focus on and spend wonderful time with our cute dear ones. We were splashing and laughing and just love each other in the family. Tributary moments like that in the vision of Stacey Talbott in, “A vision regarding 2019”. Let God be our tributary in the year 2019 like Stacey says, for indeed, they were words of the Lord.
    Dear ones, treasure up all the good words of God you have been hearing lately and ponder them in your hearts Luke 2:19. Remember His words of love through others. Listen to and read carefully the word of God and treasure up, keep them in your hearts. It is more important to read and hear of the word of God than it has been before in our lives. Bless the Lord and pray that He will open many eyes. If you do not know how to pray like an intercessor, you can pray the Lord’s Prayer, He said we can pray like Him in Matthew 6:9-13. God bless you all and happy New Year. Lucia Ludvigsen

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