Fear Mongers


This word came to me from the Lord in the early hours of the morning today, around 3 A.M.   I heard Him say at first, FEAR MONGERS.  He than began to talk about testing the spirits and how important it is to TEST THE SPIRITS to make sure you are listening to the right Spirit.  If a person is moving in the wrong motive or has given the devil an advantage tool of choice (a sinful act or deliberate choice to sin) and has not forsaken or repented of this choice; he should know that when he listens to voices in the spirit world he could be listening to a familiar spirit.   There are many spirits that are NOT GOD, and he began to warn me to TEST THE SPIRITS, before you believe what someone says, or the teachings of many.  MOTIVES ARE MOST IMPORTANT.  He than began to talk about how a person needs to realize that the devil wants to BRING MEN INTO BONDAGE and lead them astray in a FALSE MINISTRY which is really not of God at all, but is of the devil.  Many are ministering today, thinking they are ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit, when in reality they are moving at the promptings of a MONGER who has an agenda but it is not God’s agenda.


There stalks a man, a merchandiser, one who gains from his business.  Greatly he schemes and plans to prosper in his task at what ever means he must employ.

FEAR ITSELF IS THE GREATEST COMMODITY HE HAS FOUND TO CAPITOL GAIN.  Fear motivates more than any means; fear will move men to run away at whatever cost, into his plan.   Fear will be his CATALYST TO DESTROY!  If only he can grip their heart, quake their very thought, control them; he can and even employ them, yes,  FEAR MOVES MEN!

The Monger uses whatever he finds, than purchases it to distribute.   He never gives it away but places upon it A PRICE.  The Price will be the fall of those who fall into the Mongers schemes.  Falling headlong into his WHIRLPOOL OF DECEPTION, leaning upon him for direction.  The Monger does capitalize upon his wares, the very inventory he has grouped together to sell.  He moves most selfishly to employ others to sell for him.  Selling is his very game.  He sells his wares to selfish gain.  Employ all he can; he builds his PYRAMID OF PAIN.  Beginning with one, than adding another, he increases each line below until he has built a huge pile under him, casting down many hundreds, increasing even more until the very foundations of the Pyramid holds him up to the Seeing Eye, the one supreme.

He is the chief of inventory goods and if all is understood he uses means to gain control of lives to help him.  Of all his powerful tools of deception one stands out supreme.  FEAR, Yes Fear!  The motivating factor to cause the most advantage encounter.

But I moved to destroy his very work TO STRIP HIM OF HIS POWER.  Upon my Cross I died to take fear from his hand and over come it with LOVE.  In all the creation there is no power greater than my Love, for LOVE NEVER EVER FAILS!

Break off his power, render him useless by my perfect Love.  Watch the Monger of Devious deeds slither away quickly; broken and bent downward, defeated and destroyed.  He has NO, POWER, No Not even Fear to sell his goods.


VICTORY YES, Over even the greatest Fear……  DEATH!

He can not sell them the package of “DEATH FEAR” for I have Destroyed Death.  I walked out of the grave, Victor for sure over it.  Death itself cannot conquer now for it has no longer Fear to sell it.  Love WALKED OUT OF THE TOMB VICTORIOUS OVER IT.  Love is Supreme, so move in Love, Never allow fear to scare you!  Love is the replacement.  No longer move in a spirit of fear.  FEAR NOTHING now and Forever!  Jesus Christ is my name and I AM EMBODIED LOVE.

Follow not Fear Mongers.  Fear only is good when Fear moves men to know me.  Know that there is only one who has the power to destroy you.  My Father does have this power, FEAR HIM.

Never fail, always prevail by walking in my Power.  Holy Spirit Power empowers you all who choose his Fullness; fullness of Love, Oh how perfect He is, the Perfect Power conquer all, rise up over all, walk in Love.


My Name is Jesus.  I am the Christ (the Anointed One).  My Name itself is Power.  The Reason why is just because I LOVE.


P.S.  If you minister to men, you must know, I never loose my power.  Never minister in fear seeking to cause men to fear.  Minister in Love, it is the Way.  Capitalize upon it.    Never be a Fear Monger!  This is the why I say, If you will lift me up, I will draw all men to me.  MY WAY IS LOVE!

Prophet Ken Dewey photo

Evangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA. He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.


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