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Feeling You’re in Unknown Territory? — 2 Comments

  1. Do not worry – I dn’t write any more of them. It was before 6 AM and they had big dogs with them. They separeted speechless when I arrived. I knew, something wrong was in the air there. I sensed them before I saw them. And was praying all the way in Spirit and with my voice, but only to hear for the LORD.

  2. Very fitting today. This morning 3 adult men came suddenly from a sideway and crossed my way where I walked with a lamp at the riverside to go to work, many miles away from home. Yes, we keep on going onward.
    Yesterday evening on the way home someone hidden with cell phone made flickering light signs behind bushes on the same path. When I take another road, they are there, too. GOD KNOWS and yes, He is the lamp unto my feet, my shield and my protector. Much psychoterror, many loss and robbery happened, but God knows this all. I love you, my brothers and sisters.

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