Fight Spiritually! Focus Physically!

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You Too Have a Price to Pay!

The Israelites had the greatest promises of a land flowing with milk and honey.  But to access all these beauties, they were of course to kill the bees and deal with some stubborn milk Cows.

You too!  You have a price to pay you have stuff to dealt with.

There are so many Goliaths and sons of Goliaths to behead before you possess your territory, which is in their hands temporarily.

Somethings God promised to give you, are hidden as treasures in dark places, and the strongman sitting on them, has to die.

Bring Trouble to the Troublers!

I pray for serious trouble for those who have blocked many from seeing the face of God.

As I pray this day, may their kingdoms fall, may they will lose the battle over souls of men.

To those who have killed children and made mothers bleed, I decree the most terrific  judgement!   I go for your firstborns.

You have messed with ours, so we go for yours by the sword.  I decree frustrations to the adamant followers of satan, these people who laugh when souls are troubled.

Today I cause afflictions and a cutting to their heart.  Let the know nothing but pain.  A grave who has been dug for you shall cover them instead.  Your business should not be shared with the adversary; I say, never!

With an arm that has the sword, I swing judgement of blindness and pluck out the monitoring eye of satan.  They shall not programme you for destruction.

In this battleground, may the horse rider fall, never to rise again against you.

Today I send a lying spirit to gather the enemy on a ground of your skill and victory for you to subdue them easily.

Bring Down the Enemy!

Run, child of God, run and run.  Run, run run under the cover of the Blood.  Your heart must go to the sprinkling, to the house and inner chambers, closing the door behind you.

There is a great slaughter as I speak.  Pharaoh’s land is being touched and his firstborn, the prominent of his household, has been killed.  Achan has been exposed and killed, the camp of Korah have not Survived

The sword of God is out, not willing to return until it eats the flesh of the wicked.

Today I pray, I pray in the name of Jesus, that there may be a distinction, this side and the other side, and may the LORD move in action like a whirlwind.

But for the repentant, may he lift them upon Mount Zion.  May they call and receive an answer, may the children of God be preserved.

The LORD, may He give you bread and new wine, and may the hedge never break.

I Decree your longevity on account of what you do for the LORD, your fattness in the desert.  As nations wail and grope in confusion, may you find favour and protection.

May the hand of the LORD be your shield.

Fight Spiritually! Focus Physically!

Fight spiritually, but focus in physical victory.

As I make spiritual deals with God, I screen the physical environment to notice something.

There is only one battle.  Do not make it two!  It is the same spiritual battle that extends to the physical dimension.

The battle is hot in the physical as the enemy would want to bring it closer to your interaction for you to feel it bodily.

I want you to learn that in the spiritual, the enemy only strategizes, yet Christians are so ignorant.  When you wage war, you are doing more than dismantling plans

You are forbidding some death in the physical.  You are arresting a thief or opposing great destruction.

The Prince of Persia who hindered an angel on the way to Daniel, was doing more than the spiritual.  That principality, in hindering the message, was in essence hindering the Israelites’ freedom (physical release) from Babylon, (that was the message the angel was carrying to the earth.)

But prayer can disconnect satan’s interaction with the earth.  It the weapon that smashes satan’s eggs before they hatch.

Joy in Every Battle!

The enemy may keep coming but the LORD keep on anointing you with the Holy Spirit and power.  The joy in every battle is when the enemy falls at your feet.

Right now begin to receive power to win battles.

Collect Your Blessings!

You cannot trust on own strength.  You cannot go along the way by your yourself.

The way ahead of you is unpredictable, but when you have the great  I AM by your side, he lights your path and removes the stumbling stones.

He is the solid rock.  When people reject Him, take Him as your cornerstone and build your life around His strength and Might.

The LORD shall be your hiding place and life giver.  See the scattering or the forces of darkness, because the LORD, the mighty terrible one is right ahead in your journey

Begin to collect your blessings, because he or she who walks with God, is a blessed one!


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Prophet Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo of Heart Revival Network International, Kenya is a Prophetic End-Time Minister of the Gospel, preaching in Crusades and open air Revival meetings. The LORD continues to show him the apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride, fit for the Wedding of the Lamb, as in Revelation 19:7-8.

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  1. Man of God – this is powerful !
    You must have experienced much, very much, to speak, write and pray this way ! I understand you and I love you, my brother !
    If any person means this is Old Testament – please think about our RIGHTEOUS GOD.