Financial Freedom!


I hear the Spirit of the LORD saying that financial freedom is coming to many in the body of Christ who have wrestled in the Spirit to take hold of the covenant promises.

The ones who have dared to believe what the LORD has spoken over the circumstances of the day.

The Spirit of the LORD is saying that you will see a turnaround in your circumstances, for even though it appeared “many days” that you are and were never defined nor confined by those circumstances.

You are the seed that the LORD has blessed in this earth, you bear his name and you shall partake of his promises as they will begin to unfold in your life one by one.

I see a breaking out and a breaking forth for many who have stood upon his word.  I hear the LORD say no more shall you be bound by the circumstances that was attempting confine you hold you back from destiny, for he is breaking the cycles that have kept you bound and he is bringing financial freedom that will unlock and open up many more avenues and doors that will further lead you to the divine destined purpose for your life.

Expect your expected end saith the LORD. for many, the struggle is coming to an end.

He has anointed your head with oil and your cup shall overflow for the power of God is breaking you loose and he is restoring many in this season.

I hear the word “mobility“.  You are coming out of the season of lack and struggle into a freedom to where you will have more mobility to move more easily into that which he is moving you into.  He is removing the restraints and releasing you to move forward.

I Decree:  The financial confines and restraints that have had you bound are now being broken and you are being released to move forward into all that he has designed for you.

I bind every and all forces from hell that would attempt to derail, delay, restrain or confine you and keep you bound in circumstances that are beneath the covenant promises of Almighty God.

I bind and send the spirits of lack, debt, and poverty back to the pit of hell and call you forth to be released right now in the name of Jesus Christ.

I Declare:  You are no longer a slave, you are a heir and joint heir with Christ Jesus.  You are adopted into the glorious Kingdom of God where his supply is not limited!

Somebody give the LORD some praise for our God will do great things!

Glory to His Name!


~ Kimberly Fuller

Kimberly FullerKimberly Fuller



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  1. Hallelujah, Yes, Yes, Yes, Awesome Daddy, Speaking to me. I Receive Your Words, to the Highest Degree. Thank you. Thank you. In Jesus name. Glory Honor and Higher Praises lifted up to you. Awesome Wow !!!

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