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I AM Your Fierce Defender! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Awesome Daddy, my Loving Father, forever with me, in my heart.
    I adore you. I love, love, love you, in all your Splendor and Majesty, You are All and everything to me. I enjoy your presence. I long for more and more of you all the day long, come and fill my cup Lord, overflowing, let your abundance of your Glory, Shine brightly upon me, you are the Way-maker, Come and do what only you can do in my life, my loving Father, Best of thee Best friend ever in whom I take delight in with joy, joy, joy, unspeakable joy. Amen !

  2. I let him out when let my self out of the. box that men was trying to kept me in the God in me is to big to be lock up so now I have to I up up up .Thank U for shareing
    I U Jesus Thank U Amen

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