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  1. Yes Lord
    YOU Be Lifted Up
    Yes Lord
    Speak and Think on what is Good
    Pure Worthy of Good Report
    Tell of YOU
    YOUR Works
    Be Filled with YOU
    With YOUR LIGHT Within Us
    Be NOT of this world
    Just Warrior Pilgrims Passing Thru
    Bringing Thy Kingdom Come
    On earth as it

    GOOD word, Sandi
    /: )

    • Thanks so very much DE for that beautiful reply filled with encouraging agreement. I so appreciate it. Blessings to you always, Sandi

  2. THankyou, so much for goodness & your life. You are beautifull inside & out side. May God Bless you always in every thing that you do.I will remember you in my prayers.Thanks again for your Pressance, on this beautifull earth! In His Love Gail Casperson

    • I am very humbled by your kind words, Gail. To God be the glory. May we always be a reflection of His goodness and send a message of His beauty and holiness as we walk in His presence in such a way that all men are drawn to Him by His LOVE. Thank you and I will say this to you, my sister, you made it easy for me to identify and know you are my sister in CHrist. Sincerely, Sandi Holman

  3. Thank you Sandi for posting this timely and encouraging Word.  I absorbed every word like a spponge and I thank the Lord for his great mercy and care for all of us!!!

    • MF, You are so welcome. He is a good good God who has prepared us in small ways and large ways for these totally unexpected turn of events in our world..but thank God He is all knowing and what a joy to learn to YIELD and be filled to overflowing with His spirit that destroys the works of the flesh and self life. Many blessings going forward, Sandi

  4. WOW WOW WOW!!!
    I’m so glad I said YES to Him on that morning Sandi. I could have rolled back over…..the sleep was sweet. But I didn’t roll over and go back to sleep, I got up and did the work in obedience to all He asked. It’s a dark valley, full of shadows, but I’m just passing through…..almost there!!:D
    My Reward is with me, and He’s much much better than what apathy would have yeilded!!
    I’m grateful for you Sandi!! Encouragement is a must when all else is dry!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

    • Good evening, Cherish, So good to see you. It is truly a time of just YES or NO..You have made it through many dark valleys and great is your Reward! I appreciate all your word of affirmation and encoragement. God Bless you richly, Sandi

    • Thanks Lis. You are set apart for such a time as this. Truly transformed to be a tranformer. Your forever friend, Sandi

  5. It’s a pleasure to read this from you, This has been in my life Jezzebel has been raining really strong lately with fear and conntrol. I know this is a constant fight for all God’s Prophets! We have to throw her down out of our lives very often now.She will not win in my life. I to have been all over the world for God alone. When i went for God, the anointing was on me even when i went to communist China three times. India 3 times also. God sent me always, no church or ministry. I gave out bibles & prayed & preached. It was total trust in our God Almighty.As soon as He heals my body i will go where ever He sends me. I had a really bad spinal injury.I loved Guen Shaw. She was precious when i saw her Preach at a woman’s convention.I have some of her books,I just love her so much.I miss haveing her daiy devotion book. I would love to get one if i can,You must be so Blessed for being around her. Praise God. Thank you forshareing In His Love Gail

    • Dear Gail..It is my joy to meet you and hear your wonderful story. Yes, indeed Sister Gwen was ‘one of a kind’, but aren’t we all? I loved all her teachings and was so drawn to the nations through her. Then I went to YWAM and served in Singapore and was so blessed to teach and carry the word of the Lord to 16 nations. But I love to hear stories like yours…just you and God and you know that is how Sister Gwen began. You can order her books online through the End-time Handmaidens Website. I am sure we will meet one day on the other side and share memories and stories that changed our hearts forever. God richly bless you and keep you and again..thank you so much for sharing your heart and His love, Sandi Holman

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