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    I Don’t Come to be elected
    And be lauded by fallen man
    Lo I Come in The Book it is Written of Me
    I Come To Rule the people and the land
    I’m The King of Righteousness And Justice
    I’ve Come To Clothe And Possess
    A Bride both Faithful and True
    As she Comes Up from the wilderness
    Eye has not seen and ear has not heard
    What I Am About To Do
    I Am Also Perfect Love
    A Fire Seven Times Hotter Too

  2. GIDEON’S 300

    Bring them down to the River
    And there do watch them drink
    I’m looking for sons of Issachar
    For Zadok priests that are in synch
    With the Yearnings of My Spirit
    Who’ll flow with the Way I Think
    One’s who recognize the Day of Visitation
    And allow the Spirit and the Word to Link
    To show forth My Manifold Wisdom
    To the angels watching from above
    To the ones who once had to choose between
    The anointed cherub and the One Who Is Love


    The devil’s been lying to his angels
    Assuring them victory is on its way
    Why once they bring down America
    What can stand against what they say
    But there’s three hundred vessels of Honor
    Three hundred pots of clay
    Through brokenness ready to show forth a Light
    That will Arise Shine and carry the Day
    They won’t be running for office
    They won’t be pandering to man
    They’ll be running after the devil
    Standing on the Rock not sinking sand
    They’ll eat bread from the Table of Shewbread
    And drink water that’s been turned into Wine
    They’ll be trees whose leaves are for Healing
    And the confusion they bring will be Divine


    She stands before the One she loves
    Like Moses when he had on the veil
    She’s a nursing mother and father
    Who tween the porch and alter does travail
    Her passion is to have His Presence
    And have the Wind of the Spirit fill her and sing
    For she knows that soon will come the day
    That mankind will be delivered on Eagles Wings
    She’s prepared herself to receive the Fire
    That will bring her next to her King
    She’ll be coming up from the wilderness
    With her All her Everything


    Six stone pots of water
    Representing man and the judgement he deserves
    Water of the Word the letter that killeth
    Why its enough to give one a case of the nerves
    But behold the Bridegroom cometh
    With healing in His Wings
    With a vengeance to comfort those that morn
    With a bride that will arise shine and sing
    He’ll be coming by His Spirit
    On His Way to the Wedding Feast of the King
    Establishing His Throne in Mercy
    Sounding a Trumpet Wearing the Ring
    Kiss Him lest He be angry
    For an Iron Rod He will wield
    The kingdoms of this world becoming the Kingdom of our God
    The fate of those that rebelled being sealed


    Vessels of dishonor reaping
    What was sown for others to receive
    Causing their doings to come upon their own head
    Instead of those who in Jesus believe
    Bringing a new Fear down to earth
    Even The Fear Of The Lord
    Making the evil doers
    A little leery of using the sword
    For Vengence Is Mine and God Is Not Mocked
    Is About To Take A New Turn
    As Perfect Love Begins To Draw Near
    And wood hay and stubble burn


    Worthy art Thou to take the Book

    And to open the seals thereof

    It’s a Book that forthtells Victory

    That unveils the One Who is Love

    The One Who by His Spirit

    Will soon put on display

    Out of every kindred tongue and nation

    A Kingdom that’s coming to stay

    They’ll be Reigning right here in the now and now

    Not just in the sweet bye and bye

    Establishing the Rule of the One Who is True

    Wresting control from the one who is a lie

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