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For Those Aching — Without Any Spiritual Relief — 1 Comment

  1. We pray together, and also together we say amen to this prayer in His mighty holy name, Yausha (Christ).

    We believe in Your love, and Your promises of love are always yes and amen.

    Thank you Father. Thank you for sending help through Your workers, our brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s beautiful see His body walking graciously. And we will see even more of that, because of Your grace that is being poured on us, your oil of gladness.

    Blessings, blessings from Him.

    In His grace and peace we are unstoppable; we are powerful in Him.
    Nothing is more powerful than His perfect love for us, and no enemy will catch us from His hand.
    He has an undefiled body, and we are undefiled by the power of His blood that cover us.

    We are covered by His mercies, forever.


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