For Whom and Where, are You an Ambassador?


I’ve never watched an episode of Duck Dynasty.  These days I don’t even have television beyond what I can access from the Internet or via DVD.  Yet when I see that Phil Robertson is speaking I tend to take note.

There is no doubt in my mind that God gave this man a national audience.  He, of course, is using this blessing to further advance the Gospel of Christ which he boldly proclaims to any audience at any time.  I recently watched his address to the Republican Leadership Conference and was wowed by his bold and articulate speech.  He has a unique knack for making an audience laugh while hitting them with hard punches of truth.

As a nation we don’t need Phil Robertson clones, but we do need more like him who are willing to stand and boldly proclaim the name of Jesus… not to line their pockets or to gain fame or notoriety, but because they have surrendered themselves to the role and title of Ambassador.

When an Ambassadors speaks in official capacity, they speak not their own voice, but the voice of their leader.  When they speak, they speak not with their own authority, but that of their leader.

An Ambassador is in effect nothing more than an extension of the leader they represent.  We represent Christ.  We represent Him not just part of the time or even most of the time but ALL of the time.  We are His hands and feet.  We are His voice in this world.

Yet in reality, many don’t see themselves as Ambassadors.  They envision themselves more like covert CIA spies.  They pretend to be one thing in the world, while in reality they know they are something else.

Only when they enter the doors of their safe houses (the church buildings), do they speak the name of Jesus.  They are ineffective in the world.  They bury their talents and await the return of their Master so they can be rid of the burdensome responsibility  (Matthew 25:14-20).

Lest anyone forget, it is important to note that in the parable of the talents, it was the servant who buried theirs who was cast into outer darkness. I f that’s the price of risking nothing, I propose we risk it all.

Are you making a bold stand for Christ?  Are you serving as an Ambassador, or are you lurking in the shadows like some kind of spy?

There is much at stake and to remain silent is critical and cowardly mistake.  Today is the day of decision and you need to make yours.  Lives depend on the choice you make.  Choose well.


Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon is a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!


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