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Formed by the Finger of God — 3 Comments

  1. I receive this word.  This really spoke to my heart today.  Glory to our God who is so good.  Thank you for being obedient to post this.

  2. Good Beautiful Day Deborah :D
    I’m so so grateful the Father blessed me with you. His words through you have kept me through some very intense amd very dark nights!!
    Years ago, when I chose to allow Him to bring everything into the ashes that prevented me from reflecting His Image, He gave me a vision of me turning to ash grey from the outside-in, and as soon as it was complete Light exploded from my center-out!!
    He then gave me a dream. I was entering a building.  A lady was standing behind a desk with her head hung very low, she was completely grey. By the Spirit I took her hand and Electric Bolts of Power ran through me into her and we were both thrown to the floor as Light and Life poured into us!! :D
    What an incredible time to be alive.
    I’ve been extremely persecuted and shamefully attacked day after day and night after night, bit I know He Who promised is Faithful!! He is Faithful to perform it!! :D
    Yesterday morning after our time together I looked at His picture on my phone and I heard Him loud and clear say, “There will be NO delay!!”
    Woop Woop!! We are going to see what no eye has seen, and hear what no ear has heard, and know what no human mind has conceived!!
    God bless you beautiful lady, and thank you so so much!!

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