Freedom Fighters


I have come to declare that FREEDOM is your inheritance.  No longer will you be held captive within your minds, for whom the Son has set free is free indeed.  Do not be content to sit in a prison.

Stand up! Arise!  Praise Me!  You will see that prison door open.  Do not be content to be bound and shackled around your hands and feet; shake off those binding forces.  Dance and worship Me in freedom and in justice, for I have set you free this day.

No longer shall the restraining bands of judgment press your head, for My GLORY is your crown and your freedom.  There is a release from every attempt of restraint, for it is your inheritance to be free.

This is the day that you stand, this is the time that you move forward, and this is the season to activate your ministry, for I have called you to be a warrior of freedom.  You shall live in My glory, flow in My Spirit, and declare the GOOD NEWS that I AM the Lord and the King and Savior of all who would call upon My Name.


Doug PattersonDoug Patterson
is a Prophetic Warrior and Seer, often painting the visions given him by the Lord.  Doug ministers under an Apostolic Power Mantle resulting in Breakthrough, Healing and Restoration.  His Ministry, Power Encounters, equips and activates the saints to greater works in the Kingdom of God.  Doug and wife, Linda, are founders of Shekinah Restoration Centre and reside in Canada.

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