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  1. One morning as I was sitting with the Lord He spoke to me and said, “There is no delay.” Wow!! That makes sense, He stands at the Beginning and the End at the same time because He created time.
    I was at a Bible study a few years back when a young man, who I could sense had much disdain for me, although I didn’t know him, spoke up and said that he’d heard a story of a person who’d been targeted by serious witchcraft but those releasing it were becoming frustrated that it wasn’t working. I knew he was referring to me but I also knew that remaining in obedience and relationship to the Lord was the Key. Witchcraft breeds in the atmosphere of deception, darkness and death, but when we turn to the Center-out Reflection of the One Who is Truth, Light, and Life, witchcraft looses its power.
    Jesus Christ is the Head over EVERY power and principality. And when His Bride comes into the Truth of her identity reflected in His Image she will have a Thousand times the Power witchcraft ever had. One Holy Spirit Breath will blow it away….now that’s Powerful!!
    God bless you beautiful lady.

  2. Il Signore venga presto a liberarci, perché vedo il diavolo infuriato contro i figli di Dio.

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “May the Lord come quickly to deliver us, because I see the devil raging against the children of God.” ]

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