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Don’t Let Satan Steal Your Identity! — 4 Comments

  1. Woman of God you done said a WORD there stop trauma bonding that was deep from the Holy Spirit do not be of this world and the troubles they live in live higher I’m the kingdom ! God bless you abundantly and saturate your gifts in his anointing in Jesus name

  2. Amen good word. Christians need to “come out of hiding in the Church house, ministering to themselves.
    I was so sad, during the so called COVID virus, when churches closed and stopped ministering. My church was closed for 15 months. There was service on the internet and YouTube. It was assumed that everyone had access to the internet, etc. God did not tell the Churches to close and very few protested regarding the mandated closings. The devil put fear in christians and it’s still in play. Some churches are still closed. The flock has been scattered. I have been praying about the condition of the church for a long time, and know God will honor my prayers. God blessings to you and your family.

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