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From En Gedi to En Eglaim: Getting Your Great Restoration Now! — 7 Comments

  1. How do you deal with a cheating husband.
    He is christian. Is not physically but comunicating through the msg every day at certain times. First time in the morning and last time at night.  I am emotional crushed.  He does not admiting.
    Help me in prayers please.

    • So sad. A CHRIST-ian should pray when he wakes up and his last action before sleep should be prayer, too. Sister, we all know the internet can be a blessing but is also a huge temptation. Is there no pastor around who could admonish your husband ? Anyhow – I pray just now for you and for him.

    • Dear Elli

      Apologies, I’ve only just now seen your comment.

      I empathise with you, and I pray for your marriage to be set free and delivered from this oppression of the devil.

      Please email me (ObeyJesusAlways@gmail.com) so I can share some HOLY SPIRIT-led counsel and prayer with you.

      In JESUS’ NAME, I command Satan to take his filthy, evil claws off your marriage, and to stop deceiving your husband!

      I speak PEACE to your marriage and home.



    • God will restore your marriage in Jesus name. I will always remember you in my prayers as well Dearest. Jesus rebuke every satanic Storm in your marriage right now & beyond in Jesus Christ name. Just saw your post my sister, & replied now. Thanks

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