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How to Spot a Wolf — 2 Comments

  1. Because the space is limited in comments, I do this 2nd response.

    Thank you for your entire article, uplifting as always. GOD WILL REWARD YOUR WORK OF LOVE. Quote:
    >In these last days, the wolves are roaming about. They have been sent out by the enemy of your soul to discourage you and stop you from your God given destiny.

    They even run in packs. Like Elijah was chased by Jezebel and her false prophets, so are many of My Own being targeted.<


  2. Dearest sister, I must write this comment. An hour ago I spoke to my son on phone, that overnight SUDDENLY I got sick, real physical aches in head and neck, tonsilles swollen, fever, even a short loss of fokussing and concentrating. After that I listened to a Bayless Conley sermon. When minutes into that sermon I stopped, to pray.
    12 years ago my son and I spoke personally with that preacher when he visited Zurich. It is a sermon from June 2021, wherein he mentiones W O L F S.
    I felt the urge to ASK OUR FATHER, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, to take the wolfs away from us. The attacks by night through DEW heavy pulsed noise shots to cause “tinnitus” and in the morning again ugly photos sent to phone of pain-screaming faces and ugly damaged ear pictures. The diabolical terror activists are ramping up. May OUR LORD return SUDDENLY.

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