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From Marah to Elim: A Prophetic Word for May 2022 — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you Sister Veronica for that Refreshing Word, like finding water in the desert.  Like Mary of old I too
    Declare “ Be it unto me according to Thy Word.”

  2. This word really blessed me. Thank you. The divorce and physical abuse has been horrible. I pray God brings so many new friends and new happy memories, to remove all the abuse and pain I’ve suffered, I pray for my own new place of peace, and to help me restart my life over in peace in Jesus Name Amen

  3. Yesterday I was looking through the windows at my job and finally saw a budding shrub, I could have cried. This Spring hasn’t been what I’d hoped for (to say the least).
    The torment has been cruel and hateful. Wickedness is utterly wicked!!
    I hate witchcraft…I hate it!!!
    But I embrace this Word like a Drop of Water on a parched tongue.
    I’m so grateful!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!!

  4. Thank you for this word. I am one of these ‘desert wanderers’.  I’ve even had a dream like this and of an oasis in the wilderness where God will provide.  In my dream the waters were sweet for me and my family, then turned bitter behind us after we left that season so that our enemies could not benefit and pursue us any longer.  I pray this is the month of fulfillment of this.

  5. Thank you Veronika.  I was crying as I read your script. Our God is a gracious and loving Father, who gave his only begotten Son unto to death then resurrection, so that all who whould believe in Jesus as their savior and ask Jesus into their heart, God would forgive us and give us eternal life with Him. 
    I always look forward to your posts.  Thank you for your faithfulness.

  6. Thank you for this word sister, it’s a very encouraging one. I am being tormented by Satan and his angels, and will like it if you can please pray for me to be set free from satanic oppression and mind control. God bless you.

    • Father I come alongside Uloma today and stand in the gap for her. I bring her before Your Throne of Grace and place her safely in the Nest in the Hollow of Your Hand.
      Father, open Ulomas eyes to see the Position of Victory she’s in through the Cross You completed for her.
      Uloma, when the Apostle Paul had his Damascus encounter with the Lord, he was brought through a very difficult time of testing which he referred to as a “thorn”. This was a tormenter, a messenger of Satan to test and harass Paul to the point where he pleaded with The Lord 3 times to remove him, but the Lord replied, “My Grace is sufficient for you.” I’m also going through this hard trial of satanic and demonic torment, but I know that when the ship docks on the other side of this stormy sea I will be fully clothed and in my right mind, seeing clearly and knowing fully as I am clearly seen and fully known. I’ve cast off everything He’s asked me to, I’ve fasted, I’ve sought Him first, I’ve obeyed all Hes asked me to do and as a result my Rewarder has Truly become my Reward…
      He wants to release much in and through you Uloma, and I believe the Lord is saying to you, “Trust Me daughter, I will get you to the other side safely and intact.”
      God bless you beautiful lady :)

  7. Thank you, precious sister Veronika, for your prayers and even cries to the LORD for the weary saints. Your reward will be overflowing abundance and goodness.

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