From the Father’s Heart to You


“Drink the nectar of My love, taste the sweetness of who I AM.

Before I formed you I knew you, your destiny is to come back to the place of knowing me.

When I look upon you I see beauty that is without flaw, I see My original design – My masterpiece!

Little by little I fashion you into what you already are: My child, made in my image.  The more time you spend in My presence the more accelerated the transformation.  Abiding in Me brings forth my fruit in greater proportions.

The one who loves more is the one who knows me with a greater depth.  These little ones of mine have found the true place of destiny, a place of being cradled in my arms.  It is where I AM magnified above all the world can offer and where My little ones find rest in green pastures.

You have not known love if you have not yet come into the garden of My delight to taste and see My goodness.  What you perceive is what you have read or heard but I tell you my child – there is more!

There is no end to knowing a God without end, but there is a beginning.  It is a step you take, a choice you make; you are invited My child to experience My love that surpasses knowledge.

My eye is on the sparrow, I hear the cries of the little ravens when they are hungry and I provide food for them, I watch as the doe gives birth to her fawn.  I AM a Father to all of my creation.

My love is woven into all that I have created and what is made by My Hand will respond to that which flows from me.  Even the flowers in your garden smile when you talk with them, the animals respond to the love you give them.

Creation responds to the essence of who I AM.  I AM Love.

When you express love you create an atmosphere of life and light.  This light will penetrate the darkest heart and bring life to the dead places within.  To exude a pure undefiled love it must come from the overflow of me in you.

You must receive My Love before you can share it with this dying world.  Your cup must overflow before others can drink.

Come to Me, child.  I AM waiting to reveal myself to you.”


Ashley Hutheram

HKPAshley Hutheram – a son of God in Christ Jesus.



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