Generational Spirits are being Broken Off Families! — 3 Comments

  1. Precious Sister in Christ Jesus!!  I “found” your website today and it is a GREAT answer to my silent prayers!!  I have been struggling with so much satanic opposition recently as I stepped out more in faith and became a partner with Daystar Ministries and literally – all hell has broken against me, especially in the area of my finances but I am not giving up and am standing on the blood covenant promises of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!  However, I am asking for additional support from other consecrated and blood washed and Holy Ghost filled Believers in Jesus Christ!!!  Great Blessings to your amazingly and very powerful ministry!!!!

  2. Thank you for this confirming message!  I have posted it on the page of my website – Thoughts on Gays.  I used this authority last year for a niece of mine and a few months ago, I found out the generational curse of sexual sin has been broken in our family!  It has been in at least three generations.  You can read the story here. 

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