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  1. This is so timely as my wife and I have had constant trials and struggles for years now,especially financial. We have had many prophetic utterances from men and women of God, of financial miracles, blessings and soon to come breakthroughs, however we have to wait a long time for the manifestations of these promises and are still waiting. Meanwhile I have been out of work for over two years and we have been threatened with repossession and eviction from the home we have dwelled in for 24 years. I have to believe that these promises from God are true in order to keep us going. We have prayed constantly for most of this time. However in all this we have been faithful and expectant so this message is an encouragement and fuels our faith and expectation. Thank you woman of God and may the Lord bless you with increase in every area of your life.

  2. This word is exactly how I feel, I have been it so long, can’t seem to understand how and when GOD will act, these trials have been so intense coming from all sides,seems to be getting worse. I Need a Miracle Prophet Geraldine this is exactly how I felt today, If GOD doesn’t come through im not going to make it. Thank you for Posting this word. The ministry of this website has really been a blessing to me in the greatest trials of my life, without the word of the LORD I would have given up. Thank you for your obedience and faithfulness.

  3. The revival will come from these individuals who have recognised and heard His word and will believe and ask and wait daily…till He does and give them the new outpouring of His Spirit and power and fire…if everyone everywhere will do so, He will start revivals everywhere across the globe..the call is and has been going out and some only understands it now. The faithful who are thirsty for more of Him and knows they need Him and are frustrated and thirsty cause they see their own limitations and weaknesses needs to hear…He want to do something fresh and new in and through you…you should wait for Him…and be obedient…Revival will break forth via everyone that has faith in His word and promise …it will change you, etc and He will give you a new future and hope, new joy and He will be your strength and help etc …this is much bigger and greater than you can ask for or hope…those over 55 stop making plans for retirement cause the future He has for you is new and full of hope…revival will come through you if you find yourself in these time or season…

  4. Yes I believe so. Also those in desert times need to daily focus and expect fom Him, His new outpouring of His Spirit with fire and power. I believe God is calling those in dry thirty times, to ask for and wait and expect His new outpouring…that will bring revival to that person and his her house and the streets, cities and whole earth…those in these times, should listen to His call to wait and ask and expect…daily till He does what only He will do. Amen.

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