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Prophetic Word: God Is Opening Deep Revelation & Rosh Hashanah — 5 Comments

  1. God i hope so. He was the best President we ever had!Thank you for your words, i appreciate them. May God Blessyou always. Gail Casperson

  2. Doug, this word so blessed me and gave me new hope as my birthday falls at Rosh Hashanah. I had been seeking the near direction and confirmation of what He had been putting in my heart. He is so good and so on time. Thank you for your obedient heart. Blessings, Sandi Holman

  3. Thank you, this blesses me so much. No only has the Lord told me about the Call, but deep darkness
    Coming over The land Shall require those abiding in Him go deeper….find His River that takes you to His valley. He is releasing a spiritual frequency to those who answer His call.

    Dwell in the Holy place. Blogspot.com

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